Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Luck Jen!

I just wanted to give Jenny a little shout out today because she is, as we speak, in the hospital having her first little one!  Taylor Lynn Kellogg is scheduled to arrive today and everyone is very excited.  Little does Ms. Taylor know she already has a blog set up for her that can be found here.

Jen is the big sister of one of my besties, Julie, and is also a sorority sister.  She is too cute because even though she is about to pop, you can't even tell she's pregnant unless she turns to the side.  She's TINY except for the belly!

To add insult to injury, last week when we were out for E's birthday, we were valet-ing at Cretias and Jen, E, Julie, and myself get out of the car just as these two very attractive guys walk out.  I'm not even kidding you, they look past the three single, non-prego ones, and start practically HITTING ON Jenny.  Seriously, like, "Sooo, when are you due???" not even noticing the three belly-less girls getting out of the car.

It. was. ridiculous.

Jen, good luck!  I know you and DK are going to be a fabulous parents.  I can't wait to meet Ms. Taylor and help Jules babysit.  {we promise only one bottle of wine each!}

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Awww my own blog post... thanks Natty!