Sunday, May 31, 2009

Musings on the MTV Movie Awards

Yes, I watched them. Yes, you can judge me. I prefer my tv mindless and if you watched any of the spectacle last night, you can agree that it definitely fit the bill. My observations:
  • First and foremost, when did I get so old?!? I was slightly appalled at the profanity and/or vulgarness that seemed to proliferate the evening. All I kept thinking was, "if I had a 12 year old watching this right now, I would not be a happy camper." Seriously. OLD.
  • Ashley Tisdale should never wear those shoes again. Ever.
  • I have a little crush on Andy Samberg. He's cute in that dorky way, but his sense of humor makes him very attractive.
  • Megan Fox bothers me as much as Angelina. I'm pretty sure she needs to a) stop reading her own press, b) take the stick out of her ass, and c) get a sense of humor. You're not that cool.
  • I'm also pretty sure K Stew is a teensy bit cracked out. I love me some Twilight, but am I the only one that thinks it's safe to say she was on some sort of drug(s) last night? And how awkward when she dropped the award. Poor thing. Lay off the nose candy and maybe you wouldn't be so jumpy.
  • Speaking of vampires, I'm very sad that they killed off Cam Gigandet in the first Twilight. Despite his unfortunate attire choices last night, he looked gorgeous. Like maybe even one-upped Rob. Just sayin'...
And there you go. I will now revert back to my appropriate age group and go buy some wrinkle cream.

Have a lovely Monday!

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