Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Selective Type A Disorder Part II (warning, this post shall prove previously stated craziness):

Upon receiving the shower invitations on Monday the following chain of events occured:
  1. Take invitation to Michael's.
  2. Carefully match ink colors to blue from invitation.
  3. Purchase two pens of varying types to ensure correct "look".
  4. Hand address all invitations (despite help graciously offered and readily available from five other wonderful hosts) so they would all look the same.
  5. Transport invitations to post office...
Where my options included ONLY the following:
Why thank you USPS, shit-brown does happen to go nicely with the color scheme.
Nothing says wedding bliss quite like the remembrance of our soldiers.
Really? I mean, Really? You have SIMPSONS stamps, but you don't have a heart or a simple flower?

I know I'm being totally insane. Luckily I didn't get far enough into my own wedding planning to turn all psycho on the teeny things like stamps. Although I think I would be far less Type A when it comes to my own details. Must be that damn people pleaser side of me.

Speaking of people pleasing, I was so tempted to purchase one of the Simpson's stamps to stick on the brides invitation only. Just to screw with her a little and make her think they had all gone out with Simpson's stamps. hehehe....

Jodi, just to let you know that I chose the nasty little brown stamps and decided to forgo all satirical cartoon characters... pinky swear.

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Anonymous said...

The invites look soooo goooood...thanks for all your Type A fabulousness!!!