Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Selective Type A Disorder

At any given time I am probably missing my ID, a credit card, my debit card, the mailbox key and/or my car keys. I don't even really know the meaning of "Type A".

However, you throw a party planning task my way and I turn into a list-making, spreadsheet-creating, organization-loving, crazy person. It really is weird. I wish I could find a way to channel this into other aspects of my life.

I'm helping host a shower in June so I am knee deep in all things party planning. {looove it!} The invitations came in Monday, so last night I had a little red-wine-fueled, envelope addressing marathon. The selective Type A in me decided to take this task on my own. Logistically it was just easier to do it myself. (control freak, much?) :)

I know this doesn't really count as #18 on my 30x30 list, but I was pretty happy with how they turned out:
Next up: menu planning and decorations!


Legallyblondemel said...

Very cute!

I'm the same way, by the way, so I can sympathize; my type-A only comes out at festive, unpaid (for me, at least) times!

Cheryl said...

Is this my blog or yours? I am classic TYPE A and couldn't resist sharing this shower idea I have been dying to try (I have it in my shower idea notebook - no, I am not kidding)...

Get a glass beverage dispenser similar to the one found at
Put a layer of fruit (berries, for example)on the bottom and top with plenty of ice and water. It is SOOOOO refreshing and very pretty, too. I have also heard of adding cucumbers instead of berries.