Friday, May 15, 2009

What to do??

I am kind of excited because tonight I have a rare off-night with no weddings, birthdays, bachelorette parties, or showers!

Being a social extrovert, I do love all of those things, but I haven’t had a weekend night to choose what I want to do in seemingly forever. I feel kind of like a kid at a candy store!

  • The lazy route: Emptying out my DVR while wearing my snuggie.
  • The drunken route: Bubble batch, red wine, and the rest of Breaking Dawn.
  • The productive route: Laundry, closet organization/weeding out for Goodwill, and cleaning.
  • The planning route: QT with cookbooks and design blogs looking for recipes/ideas for Jodi and Matt’s shower.
I think ultimately I’ll end up doing a little of each. I’m thinking laundry, wine, and party planning will for sure be in the works. We’ll see how much more of the rest I can fit into an evening.

Tomorrow I have Alisa & Brandon’s Stock the Bar shower and then will probably wander around the Farmer’s Market on Sunday and then try to replant my flower boxes. {soooo domestic of me, huh?}

Yay for Fridays!!

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