Monday, June 8, 2009

Bose 101

This is a very popular little gadget. And for good reason... the sound quality is amazing and it's fairly portable. However, after two trips to the Bose store for "broken" sound docks, I learned something and thought I would use this blog for a little PSA:

If you own one of these and it stops working and starts making a weird clicking noise when plugged in (even without an iPod attached), unplug the back where the cord plugs into the speaker and turn it 180 degrees. Odds are it will work. Apparently the plug has to be plugged in with the writing on the cord facing up.

The thing is, the people at the Bose store don't even seem to know this (they replaced my last one bc they thought it was broken and it was still under warranty) but if it's out of warranty they will tell you that you either have to send it in or try to get an "upgrade credit", thus causing *some* out there to throw small temper tantrums at the mere thought of having to jump through such hoops for a slightly overpriced electronic device with ONE FUNCTION. Seriously, one. These things just shouldn't break that easily*.

And apparently they don't. Just flip the cord.

You're welcome.

*"That easily" being somewhat relative since this thing has made many appearances at various social occasions, including, but not limited to: pool days, bachelorette parties, ranch parties, and/or the occasional pirate party.

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Walker said...

Are you sure you didn't drop it in a giant glass of milk? Or perhaps you set it on top of your car and drove off? Either of these might cause a decline in performance.