Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For Reals??

This child was, in fact, walking through Willow Bend mall this afternoon barefoot. Yes, it's summer. Yes, she's only a child. But STILL. And it wasn't like she kicked them off and her mother was carrying them. From all observation, she just jumped in the car and headed to the mall that way.

This conjured up old memories only a slight bit more trashy of witnessing people with babies in the Lubbock Walmart at 3:00am*. Who has their child anywhere other than tucked safely in their crib at three in the morning?? There are some among us that simply should not reproduce. End of story.

*Looking back on this statement I cannot think of a single good reason I would have been in that same store at 3:00am with all the riff raff. But I can most definitely tell you that I was not only childless, but was also absolutely wearing some sort of footwear.

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The Leinwetters said...

we were in walmart at 3am looking for late night grub after a long night of call a cabs at the blue light of course!