Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lucky Number Five!

After a particularly fun pool day this weekend, the beloved iPhone that I worked so hard sweet talked my tail off to get, suffered a fairly common fate.  While it was never dunked in water, apparently it got a teensy bit in it which was enough to make the screen go all crazy.  

Fast forward to this afternoon:  One hour at the apple store and some sweet talking later, I walked out of the apple store with a brand new iPhone!  I think it was a combination of the responsible-looking, bullet proof-esque protective case and a snug fitting black dress that did the trick.  (yes, I should probably be ashamed, but I'm in possession of a new iphone, so yeah, notsomuch). 

In the car on the way home I was reviewing my history of iphone ownership and here is what I came up with:
  1. Original iPhone - dropped and cracked.  Replaced free when I offered to buy a macbook in exchange for them throwing in a new, free iphone.  (financially responsible, no.  but a great decision because I LOVE my mac and will never go back to PC's!)
  2. iPhone #2 - spilled water on it at the arboretum when it was in a tote bag with a leaky soft-sided cooler.  Replaced it when the 3G's came out at full price.
  3. iPhone #3 - Set on top of car and drove off.  Replaced at discount after sweet talking.
  4. iPhone #4 - See above.  Replaced via sweet talking.
  5. Lucky #5... in possession!  4 hours and going strong!!
Considering I am running out of AT&T/Apple employees to bat my eyelashes at, I am hell bent to keep this one safe and sound.  The aforementioned bullet proof case that I used as a sympathy prop was my dad's, and he so kindly gave it to me to ensure success in my plan.

Wish me luck... I very much so (obviously) need it!

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