Thursday, June 18, 2009

Revenge is Sweet

After Wylie's cute little Facebook stunt on Monday, I knew I needed to come up with something good. It didn't take me long to think of my plan. So 24 hours, two shopping stops, and a little bit of sweat later, this was the final product:

To put this in perspective, Wylie just got back from a "man weekend" that is an annual event named something involving brass balls. So to put it mildly, he is definitely a guy's guy. Therefore, I figured that gay pride stickers would probably be a great way to exact my revenge. I decided to one-up the gay pride stickers and stop by Michael's to pick up some of those family stick figure stickers... with two dudes, of course.

It worked out quite well, because for the first time ever, he decided to back into a parking spot. Thus allowing me to: a) not get caught, and b) have plenty time to gussy up his car without anyone else in the parking lot seeing me and my ample amount of gay pride.

And the best part of him choosing to back in? He drove off without seeing my work of art. Yes, he drove all the way home (on 635, in traffic). Got home, changed, drove to the gym, and drove all around the gym parking lot sloooowly looking for a parking space. SUCCESS!

It wasn't until he came out of the gym and was looking for his car, saw his make and model but thought "wait a second, that's not my car, that car is covered in rainbow stickers" that he finally realized the extent of my prank. I thought he might be a little pissed, but he called me cracking up.

I assumed we were even at this point, but apparently according to wylie, we aren't even until he "is one up". And he keeps asking me which of the jonas brothers is my favorite.... this could get interesting...

Sidenote: I have lots of gay guy friends that I love dearly. I'm not sure if you guys are regular readers or not, but I sincerely hope this post does not offend. If wylie wasn't straight as an arrow there would have been nothing funny about the above. Love you if you're reading!


The Leinwetters said...

Thats good. But I have a feeling you are sooo going to get it.

Cheryl said...

I would have paid money to be in that gym parking lot when he came out! Well played.