Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Not to Wear... Natty's Closet Edition

My mom and I had a "work weekend" this weekend. Since I have many strengths that are much stronger than my organization skills, we do this about once every two years to get my sh*t together.

Yes, I'm 27. Yes, it's slightly ridiculous that my mom should have to come help me organize, but she is GOOD. So good, I always dread her coming over because I know how tired I'll be when she leaves. But it's always so worth it!

The main problem is my closet. I just will not give clothes away on my own. So she's helpful in telling me when something is past it's prime and/or forcing me to try something on to prove that it is not an option as far as fitting my no-longer-19-year-old-butt into it.

It is particularly hilarious when she finds items of clothing that she can't seem to figure out. Like tops that wrap in crazy ways or have weird straps or necklines. One of the funniest moments of the weekend is when she picked up a long sleeved shrug. Kind of like this one:

At first she held it up to her top half and looked, but was very confused that it didn't have a neckhole. Then she held it up to her bottom half, but was very confused because she didn't think I would wear what she thought looked like "hammer pants". We were rolling on the ground laughing. Finally I put it on and showed her that it didn't need a neckhole. She also likes to comment that "40 pairs of my underwear wouldn't cover up one butt."

You gotta love moms. The weekend was pretty much one postcards from yo momma moment after another.

All in all, it was a very productive weekend that ended in a cleaned out closet with everything in its place, and an added bonus... a cleaned out garage!

The finished product, moose is very impressed that he has walking room!
Thanks for your help, mom! I love it!

*Edited to add... Okay, so maybe it still looks a little messy, but that's only because it's FULL. Before Moose would have been standing on a pile of clothes waist high. And I'm only *slightly* exaggerating.

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Walker said...

Woah! That's the finished product? What the hell did it look like before?!