Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Beer Belly

Apologies for the lack of posting this week. Bossdad and I went down to the cult for a seminar on "Marketing Outrageously". The class was taught by Jon Spoelstra who used to run the Portland Trailblazers and the New Jersey Nets. He has had great success in selling out stadiums despite having horrible teams through his crazy ways of approaching marketing.

But this isn't my work blog. This is moose and lulu... so I give you the most entertaining thing I was exposed to during my three days in Austin:
The Beer Belly
HOW HILARIOUS IS THAT?!? It's basically a giant, belly-shaped, soft-sided flask. Sadly, I seriously know some people who would buy one of these. It holds 80 ounces of beer. I have no idea what context this was even shown in considering I was at a business seminar... something about the theory that only 40 problems exist in the world and everything can be solved using the principle of TRIZ. But I digress.

And it gets better.... for the ladies, if you don't want to look preggo (yes, on the website they literally have a girl wearing a beer belly and pretending she's with child.) there is the wine rack:
A sports bra that holds booze and makes you busty!

Despite its undeniable trashy/tacky factor, you have to admit that these two are hilarious inventions. I distinctly remember my freshman year of college one of my then-boyfriend's friends strapping a camel pack (that cyclists use for hydration) full of jack and coke to himself for a Tech game. I suppose it was just a matter of time before this came along...

For those of you that may actually be interested, *cough* Wylie, you can get your beer belly or wine rack here. $49.95 and 29.95 respectively.

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Lindsey said...

Now that is hilarious, Natty when you purchase your new rack I'll get one too! :)