Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fabulous Fourth

What a great weekend!  I was skeptical when our original plan started falling apart, but it turned out to be a perfect three day weekend.  My mom and I kicked it off Thursday with a trip to farmers market and picked up some goodies that will be foodie friday fodder {three times fast?}.

Friday: Spent the morning at the apple store getting my learn on.  I finally activated my one-to-one membership and have already learned some useful things.  I'm such a geek and yes, I am fully aware of this fact.

Headed out to Lake Lewisville around 11:00.  Hung out on the boat and... are you ready for this........ wakeboarded for the first time ever. Lakes skeeze me out a little and I HATE getting water up my nose therefore I've never been a huge fan of water skiing, but I LOVED it!  I got up on probably the third try and granted, didn't last very long, but it was still way fun.  

Saturday: Partied at T & E's pool alllll day long.  T cooked some fantastic Central Market sliders and we all just hung out.  We left there around six and everyone went home to shower and we met up at a bar on Greenville with a third story rooftop deck to watch the fireworks. 

Trey was not satisfied with the unpatriotic-ness of the bar's music choices during the fireworks so he took matters into his own hands and serenaded everyone on the roof to a very amusing karaoke session of "God Bless the USA".  

My weekend capped off with a phone call from my big brother with news that he booked an impromptu trip to Austin and wants me to come float the river with them!  I was super excited since we have hung out on the 4th almost every year since I graduated and didn't get to this year.  So this will make up for it!

Today I've been marking things off my to do list like a crazy Type A on Ritalin.  It has been nice to be productive since I haven't done much other than be social since leaving work on Thursday.

Hope you all had a fabulous fourth as well!

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