Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Morning Fun

What's this you ask? Well, that would be the contents of my purse.

Why are they strewn about my office kitchen you ask? Well, that would be because they were covered in raw egg.

I brought an english muffin and an egg to work and was planning on making breakfast here* since I was running late. That is, until I bumped my purse against something resulting in a broken raw egg in the bottom of my purse. It was disgusting. Slimy yolk all over everything. Way worse than the time a big red exploded in my tote bag**.

From now on you can be damned sure I will take an extra 30 seconds and put that sucker in a ziplock baggie.

*Chef Natty tip of the day: Egg + coffee mug + microwave + 20 seconds = office breakfast with a perfect english muffin shaped egg.

**Yes, I drink Big Red. I love it. Feel free to make fun of me... I am entirely used to it.


KLW said...

i found your blog after clicking on it from rachels...i read your entire blog roll and laughed hysterically all the way through it... wreck em...

Dotty said...

Just wondering...why is there a Bose remote in your purse? In case you happen to come across a Bose product along the way and want to change the channel? Aawww that's my girl...always prepared!