Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jodi & Matt's Shower

The party was so much fun, as you can probably tell from below. We took took tons of pictures (and by "we" I mean "they" since I apparently can't keep a digital camera alive to save my life). It was such a great group and made me that much more excited for their wedding in September! Congrats guys!
The bride and groom!
The hostesses: Stephanie, Brooke, me, Dyan, and Angie.
Dyan and I were so proud of our flower arrangement. Central Market wanted $90 to fill that vase, we did it for $40!!
The table.
The groom, bride, father of bride, and grandfather of the bride.
Record highs. Lovely for a 5pm outside shower... what were we thinking?!?
Jodi, Angie, E, Geoff, Patrick, Johnny, Matt.
The happy couple... less than three months!
Matt's mom, Suzanne, Matt's Godmother, Matt.
They had the right idea to park it next to the keg!
My Dad, Rachel, me.
Matt's dad and brother.
T, E, Caroline, Wylie.
Matt in his own personal version of heaven!
Mother of the Groom, Suzanne, chatting with the boys.
Johnny, Cindy- mother of the bride, Adam - best man, Marva Dawn (honorary MOB).
My mom and I.
We found a professional chef to cook the meat for us. Yes, that's a sheet tied around Dyan- she didn't want to get meat juice on her white dress (TWSS!).
The non-mom and the bride.
Annnnd, the tequila comes out. Who would have thought that sweet Brooke would be the instigator?!
E, Caroline, me, Dyan.
The end-of-the-night pool party!


Legallyblondemel said...

That turquoise dress of yours is just amazing - will you pretty please tell us where you found it?

Natalie said...

Sure! It's from Bittano in Mockingbird Station, but unfortunately I think it was from several months ago!!