Monday, July 13, 2009

Moose Monday

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the clan.  His name is most likely going to end up as Baxter and he was adopted this past Saturday by my parents. (not me, swear!)
My mom has had her eye on puppies from my breeder for awhile and Bax is moose's half brother.  {Apparently moose's dad got frisky with moose's mom's sister.... kinda scandelous, but c'est la vie.}  He's a 9 week old, blonde dachshund with blue eyes.  He is precious, but definitely a handful.  I've been keeping him since Sunday when Alex and I dognapped him.  

The funniest part of him being so little is that he thinks that moose's "man parts" resemble his previous food source on his mom and he keeps trying to feed.  Moose's favorite spot to be scratched is right under his back legs, so at first he thought Bax was trying to scratch his spot and he was all about it.  Enter sharp puppy teeth.  Now... notsomuch.  

He spent all yesterday being very jumpy anytime Bax came near him until he came up with a better plan:
Full coverage.  Apparently he decided to leave nothing to chance once he realized that Bax didn't have good intentions and this was his best option.  Smart dog.

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