Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My new ride....

Okay not really. I got this for a loaner car, but isn't it pretty? When they handed me the keys it was brand spankin' new with only 13 miles on it. Little did they know I am NOT the right person to give a pristine car with a hellava engine to. :D

The Acura is in the shop getting it's insides cleaned, filled, rotated, flushed, inspected and detailed. And in the process of checking it in this morning Bossdad bought me some new floormats*! Woo hoo! THANKS BOSSDAD!

*Demise of Floormat #1: Set on top of car to dry after shampooing and drove off.
Demise of Floormat #2: Spilled Sunkist on.
Floormat #3: In perfect condition!
Demise of Floormat #4: Spilled an entire bottle of red wine on when en route to meet the girls at BYOB italian restaurant, Campania.

1 comment:

Harper said...

Visual of doormat flying off car=laugh out loud funny!