Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bachelorette Weekend Pictures

JJ opening her "honeymoon shower" gifts at our hotel before getting on the party bus.
All the girls outside the first stop. Kristy (bottom right) was a member at the winery and told JJ she was allowed to take the glass as a souvenir... notsomuch. Jodi got chased outside by an employee asking for the glass back!
Jodi and three out of her five 'maids.
Lindsay, Rachel, & I at the second stop.
The girls at the the last winery... also known as the one we got kicked out of:

Jodi (holding her glass out to the guy pouring): May I have some wine?
Asshole Wine Guy: Go sit down and then I'll give you some.
Jodi (still just joking around with him): Geez, I feel like I'm five.
Asshole Wine Guy: Maybe if you wouldn't act like you're five, I wouldn't treat you like it. (TOTALLY BEING A JERK AND NOT KIDDING AT ALL!!)

Annnnd, that's all it took to piss off 10 half-drunk women (who were in charge of making sure the girl he was insulting was having a good time) enough to tell the guy he could pretty much take his wine bottle and.... place it you-know-where. Needless to say, we left.
But we still managed to have a good time!
Jodi at the end of our tour with her {very full} "I do!" wine glass.
Brunch the next morning. Not bad... 8 out of the 11 made it!

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