Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Napa... Meet the Fockers!

The primary reason for us going out to California was to get the chance to meet Whitney's family before she and my brother walk down the aisle! Clint flew in Thursday and she and her family came in on Saturday and we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and getting to know them.

Their last name is Fitzpatrick so the running joke is that you could smush the two family names together to get the theme of the weekend... "Meet the Fockers"! Anyways, I can jabber all day long, but the pictures are way more fun:
Friday we spent the day wine tasting with Clint before everyone else got there. This is from the top of Castella di Amorosa the castle that V. Sattui built a few years ago.

We did a food pairing down in the caves at the castle. They paired eight different wines with foie gras, three cheeses, salami, a meatball slider, and two types of chocolate. It was a very cool experience that I would highly recommend. My new favorite cheese was a parmesan we tasted there that had a 4-month old balsamic reduction over it. Which I had no idea you could keep balsamic reductions in the fridge for that long?! Very good to know.....

If you happen to get a little loopy off the loads of wine you just tasted and perhaps are feeling a little mischevious on your way out... don't attempt to steal any of the wine off these stacks that you pass. The top three rows of bottles are apparently filled with water for just such a reason. They won't even try to stop you if they see you take one. Sneaky. {sidenote: I did NOT acquire this knowledge by stealing wine in said fashion. This was told to us by the girl in charge. Pinky swear.}

However, they don't seem to mind if you chase their chickens around. The chickens were not all that cool with this post-overconsumption form of entertainment though. And just as a warning, they aren't afraid to peck and/or chase you across the lawn. {don't judge me... I'd had A LOT of wine!}

My favorite picture from Friday. Her exact words right before I took this picture were, "you know... if everyone would come to Napa, the world would be a better place..." SO FUNNY!
Meeting the family! (in front of Del Dotto)
The happy couple. :)
The family inside of Del Dotto... weirdest winery I've ever been to hands down, but a lot of fun!
Relaxing at our house at the end of the day with MORE wine. We must be crazy.
My brother and I... we actually made it out to the only bar in town after tasting all day.
The boys at the bar... yep, it was probably time for us to go home!
Sunday bocce ball tournament at Dutch Henry. The bride and groom with the dads.
Moral support. Whit's brothers, mom, and I.
An attempt at taking an artistic shot of my winning bocce ball throw. Yep, my mom and and I barely squeeked out a win over Whitney and Val!

Whitney, not surprisingly, has a great family. They were so nice and I think we all had a great time getting to know each other... and two very exciting pieces of news from the weekend:

They have set a date - July 10th!
And Whitney asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! YAY!

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