Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Observations

We had such a great weekend in Portland! The girls were amazing, Jodi loved all her honeymoon gifts and our wine tour of Oregon was a blast. We took tons of pictures so I will post some of the tamer ones here once I get them from everyone.

My observations from the weekend:
  1. While flying Southwest to Portland was a huge beat down, the fact that the flight attendant let me run off the plane and get las palapas during our 15 minutes layover in San Antonio made the seven other stops entirely worth it!
  2. bachelorette winery tour = fun; BWT + limo bus = fun AND safe; BWT + limo bus + stripper pole = hilarious memories I won’t be forgetting any time soon.
  3. Portland is kinda weird. I saw not one, but two men wearing skirts. Not like traditional kilts, not transvestites or cross-dressers, but what appeared to be actual straight men wearing skirts bc they felt like it. Two.
  4. The city also has lots of homeless women. I had never really seen that before this weekend and it kind of made me wonder why you don't often see homeless women in Dallas? Is it perhaps because Dallas women that don't wish to work have perfected the art of gold digging? Just a theory...
  5. I was excited about the wedding before, but after meeting all the Portland girls… I can’t freaking wait!
  6. The four hour flight home was made much more bearable with good company: JJ, of course, but also the incredibly hot wakeboarding team that was on our flight. :D
More pictures and recap to come!

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