Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grandfatherly Love

I would like to openly admit here on moose and lulu that I have an old man crush. I would venture to say that most women have old men crushes whether they choose to admit it or not. I actually have two. Well, I probably have more than two if you count George Clooney, but let's face it- everyone has a crush on George Clooney. I know guys that have crushes on George Clooney, so that kind of voids his old man crush status. (Harrison Ford and the late JFK also fall into this category in case you were wondering). Oddly enough, both of my crushes fall under the "news" anchor category. I put that in quotes, because I'm not sure the first really qualifies as a bonafide news anchor.

And to be sensitive to those out there that are of a certain age, to me, an old man crush = a man who is of an age in which you would not consider it appropriate dating. For me, that's anyone who could be my father. So 45+ would be considered an old man crush for someone of my age... yes, even despite the fact that 45 is the new 25.

Numero Uno:
Matt Lauer. This morning he was interviewing that poor little grandmother that got kidnapped and beat up a few months ago and he was so sweet with her. I would venture to say that he was almost flirting with her. Which I'm sure just made her year. I don't know what it is about him, he's just sexy for an old man. And I realize he's not that old, but he's definitely of the age that he could be my father, so that qualifies him.

Numero Dos:
Charles Gibson. Ha! This is probably the more surprising out of the two. Maybe it's because he's been delivering the news in one capacity or another to our house for as long as I can remember, but I just love this guy. He puts off such a calming but informative front and more importantly, just seems to have a really kind soul.

I almost got the chance to meet him a few months ago. Some of our clients occasionally do a show called "Good Morning Texas" and when they do, I have to go down to the WFAA studio to make sure everything goes smoothly. Some days it's pretty boring, others you'll walk in and there will be huge stars, big time chefs, or even random exotic animals.

So I walked in- and he was in the studio. I'm not usually shy, but for some reason I couldn't make myself go up and say hi. So I just gawked at him from the greenroom for awhile. Which is sad, because I am sure he is just as kind in person as he is on the news. I know, I know... I'm such a dork.

However, I can definitely defend myself with these two, since my friend Julie's old man crush is none other than.....
Regis Philbin

I mean, REALLY jules?!

Anyone have a more embarrassing old man crush than hers or mine?

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