Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jodi & Matt Wedding Recap!!

Three days and two really good nights sleep later, I feel almost recovered. Exhaustion aside, the wedding was so much fun. I know a lot of you know about my "personal" situation at the wedding and are probably curious as to how that went so as to not take anything away from the amazing day celebrating Jodi and Matt, I am going to divide this into two parts. Happy stuff today, juicy stuff tomorrow. ;)

The rehearsal dinner was boots & pearl snaps and it was really fun to get all dressed up like a cowgirl. I don't think anyone was more excited to embrace the attire than the Oregon girls... they loved it! The slideshow was also a huge hit. After dinner pretty much everyone headed to Ozona for the afterparty. We filled the bar up and it was really cool to see their old friends and new friends all mingling together.

Post rehearsal we had a bridal party sleepover at the Hilton. Jodi said she slept really well, which was great because we had a full day the next day! We woke up at about 8 and headed to Breadwinners for breakfast. Then it was off to hair and make-up.

Dyan and Marci got Jodi a little white bride jumpsuit and shortly after we got to the salon she decided to try on her fancy wedding shoes and wore them the rest of the afternoon with her jumpsuit. Yep, white jumpsuit and four inch heels. It was hilarious... she totally looked like J-lo.

Afterwards, we went and picked up the dress... which seriously took up pretty much the entire back portion of a suburban and then headed to the church! Jodi looked gorgeous, of course. I thought the dress might overwhelm her since she's so tiny, but it was just perfect for her. She was a little bit of a mess even before heading down the aisle so I stuffed a few tissues in my dress just in case. They definitely came in handy.
She cried all the way down the aisle which was really sweet. And even though I'm not really the cry-at-weddings type, I was really happy that I was facing Matt because I think if I had been looking at her teary face the whole time I probably would have lost it.

The only snag was that Matt's ring didn't fit. And I'm pretty sure after waiting so long to get that sucker on his finger, Jodi came close to injuring him trying to jam it on his finger. :)

The reception was a blast, the toasts went very well (whew!), and I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all. Matt accidentally stepped on her dress pretty early on in the night and broke the main bustle, but by that point she was over it and ready to party. My favorite part of the reception was standing there with her and realizing that she was standing in her un-bustled dress right where a drink was spilled. I was like "Jodi! You're standing right in a puddle with your unbustled train" to which she replied "Ahhh, who cares, I'll mop it up!" and starts swishing her giant dress back and forth over the puddle. It was hilarious.

The whole weekend was a huge success. I overheard compliments on everything from the dj, to the food, to the little touches that made it personal to Jodi & Matt. I'm so excited for them to finally be married and was honored to be a part of it.
So now it's on to the next one! My brother and Whitney!! While I would love to help in any way I can... I don't expect that I'll be near as involved in theirs since I'm so far away, but I am excited to be a bridesmaid and to help with anything I can from Texas!

Woo hoo for weddings!!

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Harper said...

Great recap! What an amazing evening - congratulations Matt & Jodi!!!