Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ready for my close up!

Working at an ad agency there are days where you can find yourself in some interesting situations. Over the years I have voiced lots of radio spots, but have never been in a tv spot. Until now.

We found out in May that we had been chosen to do all the buying and production for the 2009 RV Show. So when we did the media plan our original idea was to create a completely computer generated spot, but upon meeting with the production guy he had two small sections he wanted to shoot.

This proposed two problems: 1) we were shooting the next week and had no talent booked and 2) we hadn't budgeted for talent. Being the resourceful little devil that Bossdad is, he quickly offered up myself & Wylie for the vacation-needing, camping-enthusiast, young couple that the shoot required. The production guy offered up his seven year old son and yorkie, and voila: a happy little family. Which is kind of ironic given the fact that Wylie and I bicker like an 80 year old married couple that should have been divorced 79 years ago. {sidenote: thankfully, he and his lovely wife do not have the same problem.}

I was told not to wear white and look motherly with a camping vibe. Preferably plaid. I'm not exactly a plaid kinda girl, but luckily I had bought the slight lumberjack-ish shirt above because I thought it would be cute for Tech football season. Plaid shirt, check! Headband, check! Mom jeans, no check... but I did try to wear my least favorite and baggiest jeans I had. So semi-check?
The shoot was fun. Awkward, but fun. I probably made a huge mistake in sending this to a few of my best friends... I have no doubt this will come back to bite me in the ass. But c'est la vie. It's all in good fun. Since the damage has been done, I give you the 2009 Southwest RV Supershow television spot featuring your two favorite GP employees and coming soon to a CBS affiliate near you:


Kellogg's said...

Love it! You two look way too young to have a 7 year old! :)

wylieeagle said...

The 7 year old was hers from a previous, un-married, illegitimate relationship. I just came along as a mentor to this single-parented child. Of course, you can read all of the family background info in the script.

Harper said...

Wylie's quote is hysterical!!! Congrats on the big debut:)