Sunday, September 6, 2009

Restaurant Week Review

{the French Room's red snapper}

Restaurant "Week" is finally over. I love that the event has grown so much that a lot of restaurants have extended it to three weeks. The first week we hit up Nobu, last week was Craft and this week The French Room and Capital Grill. Here is my mini foodie recap:

Nobu - miso soup, salad, shrimp tempura roll, wasabi crusted beef, chocolate mousse
Liked: good atmosphere, the salad dressing was amazing, liked that they had inexpensive wine pairings.
Disliked: the shrimp tempura roll was nothing to write home about

Craft - heirloom tomato salad, tri tip, braised rabbit, three types of sorbet for dessert... (this is a very incomplete list as this is the night we had two bottles of wine and things got a bit fuzzy...)
Liked: the modern atmosphere, the fact that they brought you all the sides instead of you choosing, the rabbit.
Disliked: that they didn't have any restaurant week specials on wine. This was the most expensive restaurant week meal for me bc of the booze which kind of took away the feeling of getting an amazing meal for so cheap. But it was still worth it.

The French Room* - cheese plate, heirloom tomato salad, red snapper, blackberry dessert of some sort.
Liked: the service was wonderful, the red snapper was really good, the plate of chocolates that they brought with the check was fun.
Disliked: Whatever that blackberry thing was, it was not what you would expect from this restaurant. The pastry it was served with was so hard I almost needed a knife.

Capitol Grill - house salad, filet, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, creme brulee.
Liked: the creamed corn was so incredibly good and the steak, of course. This was the only place I had been to before and the food definitely lived up to my previous experience.
Disliked: that we were the youngest people in the restaurant.

*The French Room wasn't technically a restaurant week meal. We booked it as this, but apparently Open Table did not have their dates correct and they had ended RW last Sunday. I felt horrible about this, but this reservation was with my parents and as Bossdad said, "I'm just so happy to be out doing something fun!". :) So we stayed and it was really good.

Sidenote: they have a "date night" menu that is similar to RW (three courses with several choices for each and suggested wine pairings) for $50/person. I think they offer this year round also. My mom and I ordered off this and it wasn't that much more expensive than RW would have been.

As a foodie on a budget, RW is like Christmas to me. I can't really justify going to these places on my own, so it's fun to go see what some of the top chefs in our city are creating at a price point I can stomach (pun intended) :). I will definitely be trying my hand at recreating the wasabi beef from Nobu sometime very soon! The rest of it may be a little out of my league (for now). Patience grasshoppah...

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