Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Pro: The beautiful weather made for a great excuse to take the {some might say} slightly overweight moose for a walk.

Con: Stepped in another less polite dog's "mess" in my $150 running shoes.

Pro: Ohsoconveniently passed wine-stocked convenience store on my route home with my ID and $10 that just so happened to be in my pocket.

Con: Jacob's Creek Cabernet with all the bronze "LA International Wine & Spirits" medals. Notsomuch. Either those little little sticky awards do not mean sh*t or I got a bad bottle. And I'm not even a wine snob! {As evidenced by the Oak Leaf Chard that I may or may not have on my wine rack right now....}

Oh well... I'm letting it sit out on my counter right now to 'open up'... sidenote: does $7.99 wine even open up??

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for the love said...

Oh, that's the worst. I just poured at crappy bottle of chardonnay down the was nasty. Here's hoping our next bottles are better!