Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hotels: 2, Natalie: 0

We got home from Lubbock earlier this afternoon, and as I curled up in my bed to write a recap of the weekend, I realized that I am missing the blanket that I sleep with. Yes, I sleep with a blanket. It's not a baby blanket (although I was that child*). It is a cable knit throw that my mom gave me a few years ago for Christmas. It's incredibly soft and I sleep with it every. single. night.

Explanation: I hate having my arms pinned down but I like to be covered up and warm. So my solution is to sleep with my comforter pulled up to my chest and then a blanket covering my arms and pulled up to my face. It's weird. I know. But I can't help it.

Regardless, I left the damn blanket in Lubbock at what may perhaps be the trashiest hotel I've ever stayed at (more on that later). So what are the odds of me getting that back? Considering one of our friends left this hotel because the sheets hadn't been washed and had stains on them... I'm guessing not good.

This is on the tail end of me leaving my favorite necklace at the hotel after Jodi's pre-wedding slumber party.

S0 there ya go... I'm 0 for two in terms of successful hotel departures.

I'm super annoyed, but what can I really do other than call the hotel tomorrow and hope for their sympathy to overcome their apathy?

C'est la vie.

*For the record, I can already hear certain family members scoffing at the use of the word "child". And what I meant by "that child" was that I was a person of which we will not discuss baby blanket retirement age. Let's just say there were many jokes at my expense involving said blanket.


for the love said...

Oh, you poor thing! That's the worst. I sleep with a throw blanket too - and the exact same way! So funny. But I'd be so bummed if I ever lost it, so I understand how you feel. Hope that slimy hotel will send it to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Natty!

How about that great football game up at Lubbock?!? You didn't mention it at all. HAHAH

Gig'm Aggies...WHOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!!!


Dotty Walker said...

Perhaps if you are old enough to use the phrase "left the damn blanket in Lubbock", you are maybe old enough to sleep without it? Just a thought...

Erika Goodwin said...

hahaha Dotty's comments funny and so true :)

But good news - my dad picked up your blanket yesterday :) And my mom will have it back here in Dallas on November 6th!