Monday, October 26, 2009

Lubbock Trip... Fun: A+ ; Football: F

52-30, A&M.
I believe that says it all.

And besides, pictures are way more fun:
Our favorite college hang-out. This place has consumed more of our money, memories, and liver function than I would care to openly admit. We have cried here, snuck in here, been kicked out of here, and most often- danced and laughed our asses off here. Blue Light will always have a special place in our hearts*.
Jodi experiencing Blue Light's finest... the deliciousness that is the "Call-a-Cab". Being that she is an Oregon girl, we probably should have warned her that drinking these two at a time was not a good plan.
Rachel and I enjoying our girls night out after the boys had left.
Saturday morning. Yes, I made Alex drive me past it. :) So much has changed on greek circle, especially with the fraternity houses, so it was nice to see that our little house was still looking the exact same as I remember. As we were taking this picture, a carload of baby Kappa Sig's drove by and started laughing at me. Yes, I may be old, but at least with my age has come a new and improved fashion sense:
I am quite certain I could find some pretty embarrassing outfits in my collegiate photo collection, but really?? There was a lot going on here, but the boots on the left with the distinct Ed Hardy-ish vibe were my personal favorite. I am confident that these girls will soon learn there is definitely something to be said for keeping it simple and classy.
Self portrait roomie shot in the stands.
A picture Alison took right before kick-off.
Our aggie friends that we met when we left around half-time to go drown our sorrows at the Chili's across the street. We made a little wager with them and every time Tech scored they would buy us a shot and every time A&M scored we would buy them a shot. Um, yeah... that did NOT work in our favor.
However, they were good sports and played along when I picked out a certain shot (which will remain nameless here on moose and lulu) in which you weren't allowed to use your hands to drink it. I was a little shocked and highly amused that they agreed to do this in a crowded bar. Gotta love shameless 22 year old boys.
Back at the game. It was still an embarrassing scene when we returned.
And finally, post-game, all bundled up and choosing to enjoy our last night in Lubbock despite our team not showing up.

It was so fun to be back in Lubbock, even with a let-down for a game. As much as everyone complains about it, you can't help but smile when you see the landmarks of the city where you created memories and friendships that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

*A throw back for old-times sake. The wall at Blue Light on one of our last nights before graduation. It has since been painted over to make room for the next round of college kids:

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Erika Goodwin said...

this makes me SO sad and depressed to be so old - awww....memories :)

Gotta love the LBK!!