Monday, October 19, 2009

Moose Monday

Moose is a pretty well-maintained pup, but if there is one area that he could use a little help in, it would be his toes. I hate trimming his nails because I'm so afraid of cutting them too short and hurting him. As a result he needs a doggie pedicure in the worst way.

So I stole the Pedipaws from my mom, got a tub of treats, and have been trying to take care of the problem. I try to bribe him with the treats, but the jig is up and he now knows exactly what I am trying to pull. The picture above is him staring back and forth between the treat and the Pedipaws while I can only assume trying to do his own puppy version of a pro/con list in his head.

Okay, so I realize I just wrote a post about clipping my dogs nails, but wasn't his face in the picture just so funny!?


Okay fine, I'll go back to the ass shaking and the drama.

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