Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Natty's Cooking Tip of the Day

Is it possible to have selective OCD? Because I'm pretty sure I do. In general, it's safe to say that I can be all over the place, but when something really catches my eye, it usually has my undivided, all-or-nothing, heightened-sense-of-awareness, attention.

Case in point: Risotto.

Since the first time I made it two weeks ago, I have made four batches. Three out of the four have been the same recipe.

My mom and I went to Williams-Sonoma shortly after the inaugural batch and as fate would have it they were doing a demo of this delicious, elegantly simple, mushroom risotto. I almost had dinner there. Literally, my mom was trying to distract the prep chef so I could go sneak more samples while she had her back to me. If there hadn't been two other ladies there, I probably would have stuffed some into my pockets. No shame- fully aware.

So anyways, tonight was my fourth batch, third of the mushroom, which leads us to "Natty's Cooking Tip of the Day":


It just wasn't the same. It was like peanut butter without the crunchies, champagne without the bubbles, Bella without Edward, fall without Lincoln Park after Dark, Texas Tech without the feisty fans*.

Simply not the same.

Which I should have known better. The whole "season every step of the way" mantra has been burned into my head, but I just had a fleeting thought in Central Market that perhaps a little less salt would be good for me. Screw it, my new mantra is BRING ON THE SALT!

My apologies to the cardiologists out there. Your taste buds will thank me later.

*Freud would probably have a thing or two to say about this list... I'm guessing since these are the first things that came to me, this might be a good indication of where my head is at:

Peanut butter, vampires, champagne, pedicures, and football?

Sounds about right, I suppose.


It Is Everlasting said...

Hey girl I am right there with you on the salt! I have to be careful when I cook for my husband because he thinks I tend to over-do. Haha, no such thing! Also-- thanks so much for the sweet comment on my race-recap post!

Walker said...

Uh, why don't you just add salt later?

Natalie said...

I did! It still wasn't the same...

Wayne Walker said...

OCD . . . are you kidding me. You got it from your mom! Don't you remember when she fell in love with the chocolate mousse from Andrews and tried to duplicate it. I came home from work and there were at least 10 batches made all over the kitchen. You and all the kids in the neighborhood were very happy! Candidly, it is a trait that you come by honestly. Just keep cooking! You're awfully good at it!