Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Psychology of Purchase Motivation: Bossdad Edition

It's time. I've put in the hours. I've established a pretty decent set of skills. And most importantly, I've realized that my love of cooking is not looking to be a passing fling à la my seamstress phase of 2006.

What could possibly be worthy of such dramatic build-up, you ask??

Knives. Good ones.

My mom suggested that I start looking around since Christmas is coming up and good knives aren't exactly cheap and therefore not something that I am going to run out and purchase for myself. So on a recent trip to Williams-Sonoma, she and Bossdad decided to check out the selection for me, and while there are so many options, my dad immediately decided I needed these:
Global. Beautiful, right? The stainless steel handles are hollow and then filled with just the right amount of sand so they are perfectly balanced. And they are apparently sharpened in some sort of fashion that makes the blade sharper and keeps it sharp much longer (beveled vs. straight edge, I have learned).

So was it the sleek, modern design that attracted my dad? The perfectly balanced handles? Or perhaps the innovative technique used to sharpen the blades?


He got cornered by some WS sales lady who gave him the ultimate sales pitch in only seven words.

"These are the knives that Giada uses."

That's all my dad needed to hear to conclude that I had to have these knives. My mom said he got so excited and was yelling across the store for her to COME LOOK AT THE KNIVES THAT GIADA USES!

As gorgeous as they are... I think I should probably start out with something a little less pricey considering my current knives are from Ikea of all places. (I think butter knives or those weird plastic lettuce knives might be a better bet than what I'm currently using). However, it was really sweet to hear how he fired up he got over the news that my favorite chef's knives were readily available for purchase at the local Williams-Sonoma. :)

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Dotty said...

Incidents such as this is why Princess is spelled with a capital P.