Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reason #724 Why I Love Having a Roommate

Goofy things like having a dance-off with the flat screen on a Sunday afternoon would not be near as much fun living alone. Okay, so probably more like downright weird, but that's a whole different story. Alex and I sometimes find ourselves in pretty funny roomie situations (throwing pirate parties, decorating the Christmas tree while wearing santa outfits, puppynapping, etc.)

We were being lazy this afternoon and watching last night's tivo'd episode of SNL. Shakira was the musical guest and did the Shewolf routine that she's been performing on the talkshow circuit for the last few weeks:

I'm not a huge Shakira fan, but her crazy bendiness at about :50 seconds in caused us to wonder how she managed pull that off without falling over. Which led to my attempt. Which in-turn led to a dance off of sorts between me and Shakira. I think it's safe to say that my white-girl genetics were no match for her latin sassiness, but it sure was fun to try.

Surprisingly, this last one is much easier accomplished in heels in case you ever find yourself with an undeniable urge to bust this move out. I would like to warn you though, at the age of 27, this did make a few things pop and I might be sore tomorrow. Shewolf is not for the faint of heart, folks. Proceed with caution.



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! I am truly impressed

Anonymous said...

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Natalie said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm not sure which part you are referring to, but it would be entirely impossible for me to write to you without any contact information. :)


Anonymous said...

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