Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Costume Recap!

Halloween was a blast, as always. We had some of our friends over to the house and then walked to a few bars down the street. It was a good but random group of people and I hope/think that everyone mixed and mingled and had a lot of fun.

We had an interesting selection of costumes... from pop culture (swine flu & the falcon express) to traditional (french maid & flapper). I went as Ariel from the little mermaid and moose was Sebastian (yes, I know Sebastian was a crab not a lobster, but luckily it's been so long since anyone has seen the movie that I don't think anyone noticed.

The bar complete with spooky runner and cobwebs.
Some of the food: tombstone cupcakes, red velvet eyeball cakeballs, spider web cupcakes.

Annnnd the costumes:
flapper, nascar fan, 80's girl, hippie, a fat little girlfriend, french maid
Me and one of my oldest friends, Dusty. Dressed as he was back in his glory days as one of our alma mater's football players.
swine flu & fat little girlfriend... if you are confused by the latter, click here.
flapper, ariel, nascar fan
boy scout, gangster, nascar fan, drunk guy, eddie from Christmas Vacation, annnd rock star/gangter (I think?)

And my two favorite costumes of the night:
"Drunk Guy that passed out too early"
This guy came to the party in a dress with "BALLS" written across his forehead. He had three sharpies hanging around his neck and let everyone write all over him. It was hilarious and a very original. The things that were written on him also got fairly "original" as the night wore on.
And Jon & Kate plus 8.
I saw a few others on facebook that did this, but I'm sorry, Erika's resemblance of Kate in that wig is just downright creepy. Bonus points because moose thoroughly enjoyed having eight new "toys" to play with during the party.

Hope everyone had a fabulous halloween!!

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for the love said...

Love your Arielle costume - it's adorable! Your decorations were great too. The bar looked awesome!