Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Recap

Let's pretend there's nothing alarming about a tween fantasy movie causing cougars to fantasize about statutory rape
Let me preface this post by saying that I have never in my life done the whole "camp out to get: movie tickets/seats at the big rivalry college football game/free lawn chair at Ikea if you're one of the first 50 people" thing. And luckily, despite the madness of opening weekend, New Moon didn't fall into this category either.

By using my sweet talking skills and ohsohandy media connections, we were able to find two pre-screening tickets for last Thursday that required no waiting of any kind. And most importantly, required no buddy system bathroom breaks, camping out on the nasty movie theater lobby floor, and/or preplanned sustenance packing to survive the hours upon hours holding a place in line. I'm 27. As much as I love my teenage vamps... not gonna happen.

I had a blast going to see it opening weekend because a) the movie was great and b) the people watching was even better. I mean it was insane. The ENTIRE movie theater was taken over by women (and the occasional unlucky boyfriend) and I would say the median age was 14. I was late to the party on the first one (saw it the last weekend it was in theaters). So I missed the whole 150-shrieking-13-year-olds-at-first-glimpse-of-edward thing. As silly as it was, that energy is kind of contagious and a lot of fun.

On to the more important topics: vampires vs. werewolves. I was all about Team Edward prior to the movie, but as I read in an online review: this was Jacob's movie. The 2nd book was my least favorite out of the four, but I loved, loved, loved this movie. Taylor does a great job developing his character, and oh. dear. god. his personal trainer deserves a helluva raise. {reminder to self: he's 17, he's 17, he's 17, he's 17}

If you haven't seen it yet, go. Even if you don't think you're "into that kind of thing", go. It really is a great movie and entirely worth $10 and two hours of your time. And I won't spoil it.... but the ending is fabulous.


The Leinwetters said...

i was lucky enough to share my New Moon watching experience with my hubby, his brother, and the 2 men sitting in front of us. Were they gay? Well, we weren't sure until one stood up and HIS THONG was hanging out the top of his pants!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT of his thong (and some cheeks) actually. You should have seen them squeal when Jacob took off his shirt. :)

Redbabe said...

Hahaha..... I started off with 'team edward' too but somehow got sidetracked to 'team jacob' along the way. He is simply yummilicious (especially when he first took off his shirt in New Moon!).

Yup, totally agree. New Moon is the boring-est among the 4.