Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paybacks will be hell in the future...

... but for now I just can't resist!

My baby cousin, Kinley, just turned two and had her birthday party at a pumpkin patch a few weeks ago.

Being the wonderful family member that I am, I always take great care in choosing an appropriate gift for my favorite cousin's little girl. Last year for her first birthday it was one of those push popper thingies that makes a whole-lotta-noise. This year... BATH CRAYONS!

I got a text message last week with the picture above accompanied by the following message:

"Bathtub crayons are such a sweet gift. You shouldn't have! PS- I CAN'T WAIT until you have kids....."

Which I if I didn't know better, sounds an awfully lot like a threat, doesn't it? Which is kind of rude if you ask me. And besides, doesn't she just look like she's having so much fun??

I thought so too.

Love you cuz!!

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