Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Translation Troubles

It's been about a month since the first email and "Pierre" and I are still talking on a frequent basis. Note: that's not his real name but that is what my mom has called him for the past eleven years and it has just kind of stuck.

After asking if I had a boyfriend, and me explaining that I was engaged but called it off:

Why you separated? Big kiss to my beautiful american!

Apparently after I was not very prompt with my email response:

I wait your message every day with impatience.

After talking about food & wine:

After I live in Bordeaux you come and we eat good things and we drink good wine. TOMORROW IS MY SUNSHINE!

A few of my favorites:

The topless in France and authorizes is normal.

What are your hoobies?

I think more often you.

And a few that thoroughly confused me:

Us you registered for the marathon in New York.

I thought I was the first time that it is for time passes too quickly.

When you see it will be a cooking competition every two.

And just for you, Elizabeth and Laura, :

My basketball team it is San Antonio with Tony Parker is the best.

The communication is pretty confusing/funny though, if anything, always entertaining. However, the coolest thing by far, is that after this whole thing started I dug around my closet and found his letters from ten years ago, and surprisingly I could read all of them with relative ease! I remembered struggling and laboring over every word when I was in high school. And even though I took quite a few french classes in college, I never felt like anything "sunk in". Well apparently it took more than I realized, because it was not as difficult as I remembered it being.

Yay for all those less than stellar foreign language credits doing something other than destroying my GPA!!


for the love said...

Your story totally reminds me of the couple in "Love Actually" - the British writer and the Portugese housekeeper who don't speak the same language but fall in love anyway... Love it.

The Leinwetters said...

go spurs!!!