Friday, November 6, 2009


Because I know you people are just DYING to know:
  • My blanket was found, picked up by a friend's mom (because the creepy lady at the trashy hotel assured me that if I just gave her my home address, credit card number, expiration date, and security code, she would give it to her friend to send to me... um, how about NO?!?) and is en route to Dallas as we speak. YAY!! THANKS SIDNEY!!
  • I ordered the cheese. I know, I know... but before you start into me for buying a $40 piece of cheese when "pay off credit card debt" is in the top five of my 30 x 30, I have an excuse: Shortly after that post, my mom and I were shoe shopping and she asked if I'd ordered it. I said no that I couldn't justify it especially since it probably wouldn't all get eaten considering it was a WHOLE POUND of cheese, and she said "Well, why not?? Order it and I'll help with the experiment". So there ya go... The Dot, as always, came in handy for further fostering my champagne tastes. Which I'm not sure if she realizes, but she really is encouraging me to use my blog as a wishlist of sorts. Shortly after the tomato basil soup/food mill post she came hauling in this. I must admit, I'm kind of loving how well this works! It's like having a genie in a lamp!*
*Secretly I think she just gets so excited with the warm and fuzzies when I say anything about cooking after a teenage comment I made about not needing to learn how to cook when there is fast food readily available that she encourages cooking in any. way. she. can. I think the visions of her at the age of 83 eating McDonalds at the Thanksgiving table ensured proper scarring for life.


Maggie said...

So, um, are you looking for more help in eating that cheese?

Lori E said...

Hey, cheese freezes. Stock up.