Saturday, December 5, 2009

November in Pictures

I was apparently very iphone happy in November because when I just plugged it in to sync, I noticed I took a lot of pictures. So I decided I would share some of my favorites from the month!
The pups cuddled in at my parent's house on a cold night.
One of my favorite things about being a single girl... being able to have wine, cheese, and carbs for dinner and not having to justify it to anyone!
My fat puppy dog helping me organize some work files.
Kate and I sipping on champagne at the Neiman's girls night out event. Champagne + hors d'oeurves + $50 giftcard = two happy girls. We had a blast even if we both forgot that Neiman's doesn't take Visa and ended up having to figure out something to buy for EXACTLY $50.00. I'm sure they hated us!
Apparently I was very excited that North Park had put up their Christmas decorations!
Um, yeah.... until it resulted in this. Not all that smart looking back.
The pre-Twilight madness on opening night.
Before the movie, sporting my new favorite fall accessory- my fabulous "vintage" brown boots that were procured from the top of The Dot's closet. They're about 20 years old... love it!
Julie's kit kat birthday cake!
Julie's boyfriend, Brent, and I after the Tech vs. OU game. Guess what team Brent was rooting for?? Sorry Sooners!
We had a little family night out when my brother was here and went to Top Golf. Yes, I beat both my brother and my dad......... until they got the hang of it on the next game. Let's just say my winning streak didn't last long.
Bax cleaning up the dishes post-Thanksgiving.
Clint and The Dot hanging out in the new wine room at my parent's house during Thanksgiving. We definitely put a dent in their stock!
We capped the month off with a "W" over Baylor with the season closer taking place at the new Texas Stadium in Arlington. The tailgating was so much fun!

What a great month. Looking forward to an even better December!


for the love said...

Your wine and cheese dinner looked so yummy. And the wine cellar at your parents' house is TO DIE FOR!!! Talk about living the dream!

Dotty said...


The Mitten Lady said...

Hey there,
So I'm not sure if only friends and people that know you are supposed to comment or what (new to the world of blogs).. but I feel like I need to tell you that I think if we lived in the same country (and/or state or province) we would be great friends. I love your blog, and hope you don't mind me snagging some ideas for mine.

Kristin said...

Mmmmmmm. Bubbly and Neiman...that's my kinda event!