Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December in Pictures

Last month was a busy one... so this is a fair warning that this might get long, but hey- pretty pictures are better than my wordy drivel, right? (hint: the proper answer is not "right" but more along "oh your writing is absolutely the opposite of drivel, Natalie")

So sweet of you to say! Okay, here we go:
We started off December by taking a cheese class at Central Market with fromage expert, Clark Wolf. My mom and I went and were almost kicked out when The Dot nearly started a riot when they wouldn't give her more wine for her remaining cheese pairings. Okay to be fair, she merely asked politely, but the sheer amount of spluttering that she quietly did in my ear when they refused her was of an impressive nature...

Note: When CM advertises a class involving "tastings and pairings", they do not mean Napa-style, lets-get-you-drunk-so-you-buy-lots-of-wine, parings. They mean one or two stingy, two ounce pour, pairings. Gotta make a profit out of that $60 per head, you know! So the lesson of this, is: plan accordingly. The poor girl sitting behind us that was on the blind date looked like she could have used a pregame or a kegstand or two to get her through the class and/or date.
Luckily for my mom, we were able to get plenty of wine drinking in during the holidays and weeks following the cheese class.
Holiday week = empty office = take your moose to work day.
Here he is playing with a purple cow at the ad agency.
Ironic? Just a touch.
Ha... not even kidding you- this was a gift from one of my reps. While I do love me some Twilight, this was obviously a joke and won't be making an appearance in my semi-grown up house anytime soon. But it was a hilarious variation from the bottles of wine that are frequent vendor gifts and I have to say it made me laugh and gives a little something extra to my work space.
Christmas sugar cookies!
What was left of the finished product- there were also red Christmas lights and candy canes. This was my first foray into Royal Icing!
On the 15th we got some very exciting news that Whitney and Patrick welcomed beautiful baby Kate into the world just in time for the holidays!! She decided she was a little too comfy and made her appearance about a week later than expected.
AND, a few days later one of my best friends, Julie, got engaged! Here we are sippin on some bubbly while celebrating the news! (me, Jules, E)
Jules and Brent, her fiance (still SO WEIRD to say that!).
Watching The Holiday, drinking vino, wrapping presents.
The pups relaxing in front of the fire at my parent's.
My nickname around Christmas is "Elf" because I wrap the majority of the presents. However, I have one rule- I won't wrap presents that are for me. This picture is after my mom tricked me by saying a gift in a box was for my brother when it was really for me. I wrapped it, tagged it, and then they came back in and stuck another tag with my name on it. So sneaky and rude, but they definitely thought they were very funny!
Baxter in Moose's santa suit. Just a touch roomier on him!
My stocking at the townhouse with a "don't peek til I get home" note from the roomie. :)
Ahhh, the 'W' family tradition of Bossdad serenading us with the accordion. Only this year we shared the love and skyped with my brother's fiance and her family in Arizona during which my dad treated Whit to a lovely rendition of "Here Comes the Bride". Nothing like torturing your future daughter-in-law by making her think you would like to personally provide her entrance music with a 50-year old musical instrument favored by polka bands and fans alike.
Clint and I preparing Christmas dinner- Beef Wellington.
C'est fini.
All tuckered out after Christmas!
The snow in my parent's backyard.
Post holiday fondue when it was snowy outside. Despite the look on my face, it was actually really good. I think the look is due to this being a few cocktails/bottles of wine in...
My roommate's mom apparently made an impulse buying decision in the Banana Republic checkout line and gifted her with this jaunty beret. While it is not something that she will likely EVER wear out, I've gotten quite a kick out of wearing it around the house. And it channels my inner Parisienne almost as much as getting crazy messages from the french boy (foreshadowing: hilarious Pierre story coming soon!).
Even moose got in on the fashion statement.

There ya go... my lazy girl's recap of a busy, busy month!!


Free Pretty Things For You said...

Hi there!
I see your into party planning :)
I just started my craft/give away blog..hope you enjoy my work!

The Waspy Redhead said...

Um, can we have a moment for your gorgeous Christmas cookies? I'm so impressed. I tried royal icing this year too, but my end result was tragic. I think I just didn't have a good gameplan, and I've done a little more R&D... I will be redeemed for the shame!

We had fondue on Christmas Eve, it was a nice break from tradition for us.

Happy New Year!

Maggie said...

Chug wine before going to a Central Market "tasting" ... duely noted and thank you for the tip!

Celia said...

oh man, that last photo of Moose had me in giggles! too cute!

Wayne Walker said...

The Beef Wellington was wonderful . . . as as was the company. It was one of the best Christmas' ever!