Friday, January 29, 2010

Foodie Friday- new blog!

So this might be a little crazy since it seems I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own blog at times, but I was recently asked to join a new cooking blog (that my friend Jodi started) as a contributor! I'm sure she asked me knowing there was a very slim chance I would say no since:

a) cooking + blogging are two things I love doing, and
b) she knows I'm game for pretty much anything after our adventure attaching name labels on 250 glass candle holders while wearing surgical gloves so we didn't fingerprint the votives! (and let's not forget the post labeling alphabetizing)*

Sidenote: this should not be misconstrued as complaining because rest assured she made sure I was pumped full of wine for the aforementioned task. Ahhhh the joys of maid-of-honoring**. :)

You can find my first post here. Jodi is quite handy with photoshop and set the whole thing up... all I have to do is help with content! While there may be a bit of duplication, feel free to add to your google reader and follow along with our adventures in the kitchen. From what I understand more contributors will be joining us as JJ adds to the blog.

Happy Friday everyone!!

*Proof of surgical glove clad labeling {please excuse the fact that I look slightly "special"}:
**Wine bribery aside, JJ was very un-bridezilla like and I loved every second of our pre-wedding projects. Vino, craftiness, and girl's nights... what's not to love??


The Waspy Redhead said...

Love the new layout, love the new food blog!

The Freckled Citizen said...

Ooh, fun! Adding it immediately, and congrats on the fresh new look!