Saturday, January 30, 2010

january in pictures

So apparently this 'month is pictures' thing has become a feature of sorts around here. I kinda like it. We'll see if the iPhone comes through for February as well:
Grocery shopping with the roomie. Al tried to switch our cart with the one the wine stockers were using. It definitely would have been a quite a fun month if that was our cart! (sans the white zin on the top of the pile)
Julie's engagement dinner! Champagne, Chicken Tequila Fettucini, and The Waspy Redhead's Chocolate Hazelnut Bundt Cake for dessert!
There were a lot of leftover bell peppers & onions from the Chicken Tequila Fettucini, so naturally fajitas came to mind. I made up recipes for a marinade and homemade guac and both turned out pret-ty delish!
Hilarious dance-off between the guy in the plaid and this older lady (who may I add was wearing sequins... at the MAT!).
I played set designer for a day on a shoot for one of our clients. It was a lot of fun to get out of the office and be creative. (No, I wasn't in this one for those of you that witnessed my commercial debut!)
This is my friend Patrick's adorable new puppy, 'Banks'. He was only seven weeks old here and so sweet. But wowza... SHARP little teeth!
Mmmm... the best fried pickle recipe, ever. I could not cook these suckers fast enough! Of course a crowd of 15 that had spent the better part of a Sunday playing flip cup isn't exactly a shy audience to feed.
I managed to catch this sweet little moment between Wylie and Bossdad on camera. I think Bossdad was trying to work the knots out.
Mavs vs. Lakers!
The Mavs sadly lost, but Dirk celebrated his 20,000th point during the game!
The craziness during the Masterchef auditions.
My friend Rachel got engaged! Her beautiful rock.
Moose attempting to get warm in a pile of laundry. (and apparently purses. and belts.)
One of my friends went to give blood for Haiti and was denied because he was gay. I get that when HIV/Aids first came to light in the early 80's people didn't fully understand the origination and how it was transmitted, but it's crazy to me that it's 2010 and they haven't changed this rule yet- especially considering they test all blood regardless. Since he wasn't allowed to donate and sincerely wanted to help, I told him I would go donate on his behalf.
Annnnd, last but not least: my life for the last week. Packing boxes and going through files. We are moving our offices next week and I'm fully convinced that moving offices is a far bigger beatdown than moving residences. But yay for shiny new work spaces!!

See ya January! Bring oooooon the birthmonth celebrations!

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melissa said...

I had no idea that homosexuals cannot donate blood. I think that's ridiculous.

Looks like it was a fun month!