Monday, January 18, 2010

The one where I get shot down.

**This post is a bit late, but these last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind so please excuse the tardiness.

When I started blogging it was at the inspiration of a few girly blogs I had found: day-in-the-life-of type blogs similar to moose and lulu. Being genetically predisposed to nosey-ness, I loved reading about the lives of some of the bloggers that I related to.

Fast-forward to present day and it's interesting that about half of the blogs on my must-read list are informational reads, mainly of the foodie variety. (favorites: here, here, and here)

During my typical lunchtime blog perusal about a month or so ago, I saw this post on the D Sidedish blog and it caught my attention, but I didn't really think anything more of it. A week or two later the idea was further reinforced by Jodi sending me the picture below with the heading "thought of you when I saw this":
Since I had already seen it before, I took a second look:
  • Passionate Foodie? Um, check.
  • Amateur Chef? Well, emphasis on the "amateur" part, but check.
  • The Ultimate Dinner Party Host? Not sure... that is a pretty big accolade to give myself, but I'm guessing my girlfriends would probably say 'check'.
I didn't have plans for that particular Sunday and I had this fairly impressive new recipe that I had recently become quite fond of, so I thought why not? At worst, it would be a good story for the blog and at best I would take the culinary world by storm, get on the show and try my damnedest not to make an ass out of myself.

One of the requirements was to have a photo of the dish that you were bringing. And due to the high likelihood that I would be running around like a chicken with my head cut off anyways, I figured that the day before would serve as a good time to do a trial run and ample time for food styling/photography.

The result:
I made a goat cheese topped pork chop wrapped in puff pastry with a mushroom/red wine reduction, sun-dried tomato risotto, and a spinach salad in a parmesan cheese bowl (yes, I made a bowl out of parmesan cheese, eat your heart out, Martha).

To make a looooong day/story short. I made everything, packed it up, and my dad and I headed to Sur la Table. Where we proceeded to wait for TWO HOURS in the cold. I was shocked at how many people showed up:
Thankfully, I had gotten this adorable little lunchbag for Christmas and had nestled all the cooked food inside of it to keep it warm. As great as those intentions were... puff pastry wrapped anything + confined area + two hours = soggy, nasty mess. Awwwwwesome.

As it turns out, it didn't matter too much because the casting director ended up running out of time. Once you arrived to the back of the store there was an area where you could plate whatever you brought, talk to the casting people, and in general just show them how charming you were.

Well, with about four people left in front of me, they decided they wouldn't be able to get through everyone at the rate they were going. So they asked everyone left to plate their dishes in line. People were scrambling looking for any square inch of display/counter space available... it was insane. And then the casting guy walked the line, said about two words to each of us, and maybe took 5 calories worth of a bite (which let me just say, if you are bringing anything with 'puff pastry' in the title, that is a TEENSY bite). It was obviously a cheap way to ensure the remaining throngs of people wouldn't riot courtesy move. Very disappointing.

Truth be told, Bossdad was infinitely more pissed than I was. As evidenced by his very sweet albeit slightly biased slew of Facebook status updates:

Wayne Walker

Wayne What a bad deal . . . we waited in line for 2 hours, outside in the cold. We were 4 groups away from the presentation and tasting that they cancelled the program, had one guy come out and pass through the line. Didn't even taste the food . . . They just ran out of time. I think I'm more pissed than Natalie! Fools! Don't they know how good she is???? She would at least double the ratings!

January 10 at 6:38pm · ·
Natalie Walker
haha.... nothing like a completely biased, proud papa. :) Thanks for being such a trooper and coming with me!!
January 10 at 6:50pm ·
Daniel Lewis
Sorry you didn't get your shot Natalie. You could always jump ahead to one of the next stops, get in a day or two early and then get to the venue insanely early morning of...
January 10 at 6:58pm
Wayne Walker
I'm still pissed!
January 10 at 7:00pm
Paul Meacham
Original recipes, great, help her publish a cookbook and make a million. she is a doll and would sell a lot of books,heck your an ad man get to work, perhaps she will share the dinero .
January 10 at 7:13pm
Wayne Walker
actually that's a good idea . . . she can write too and is funny!
January 10 at 7:15pm
Val Fitzpatrick
What a bummer!
January 10 at 8:21pm
Angela Musgrove Brown
make a tape and keep it ready for when the Food Network announces its auditions. It's usually in February.
January 10 at 10:10pm
Wayne Walker
January 10 at 5:14pm via Facebook Mobile · Share
Wayne Walker

Wayne We'll see how she does!

Wayne Walker

Wayne Natalie's in! Wow, it's cold.

Wayne Walker

Wayne Join me on Team Natalie today! Gordon Ramsey is having MasterChef auditions today here in DFW at SurLaTable for a new cooking reality show. Natalie is cooking one of her original recipes and I am fairly confident going to win a spot on the show....then the million dollars! TEAM NATALIE!

January 10 at 12:29pm · ·
Kate Harper
Team Natalie!!
January 10 at 12:53pm
Daniel Lewis
Best of luck Natalie! When Gordon starts to curse, put your fingers in your ears and stare at him cross-eyed.
January 10 at 1:20pm
Julie Jenkins
Good luck Natty!!!!!! Let us know how she does!! The pictures looked amazing!!!!
January 10 at 1:28pm
Rachel Bilbrey
What time is she going up there?
January 10 at 1:42pm
Val Fitzpatrick
Please let us know what happens! Wishing Natalie the best of luck!
January 10 at 3:00pm
Erika Goodwin
YAY!!! GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to hear how she does!!
January 10 at 3:18pm
Silver lining: it was an entertaining way to spend a Sunday, good to hang out with my dad, and probably ended up the best in the end since it would have been really bad timing to leave Bossdad hanging for five weeks.

However, you can be damned sure I will be tuning into Masterchef to compare myself to every member of the cast see who actually made it through the casting call craziness when it airs (this fall?? I think).

Once again, thank you Bossdad for standing in the cold with me for two hours, taking pictures, and making Starbucks runs! You were like a much cooler version of those crazy stagemoms you see on tv!!

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Maggie said...

This is amazing! I think it's so awesome that you went for it. You were in my 'hood, btw... we live in the high-rise behind the old Smith & Hawken. Well, for nine more days, anyway.

Now... how about sharing those recipes?