Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why I'm too old for NYE

Sorry you're finally mature enough to just want a quiet evening with friends on New Year's Eve
I do believe I can say with a fair amount of conviction that this year was my last year attempting to do the "Go Big or Go Home" New Year's Eve. While I would like to think that I've just gotten smarter, I am quite sure the truth is that I have simply just gotten too old.

Our original plans for New Years fell through for this year, so we came up with a last minute alternative, the Diamond Party or something like that. You pay $60 and it's open bar. Simple, easy, accommodating for a big group = great plan, yes? Notsomuch.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun at first... but as the night wore on and the young, slutty (too harsh? let's go with "scantily clad") girls got drunker and the floor got more slippery with what I had sincerely hoped was booze, but proved to be otherwise... it just got old.

My top ten reasons why I'm staying home next year:
  1. It's Overrated.
  2. Cab shortage. Enough said.
  3. Drunk People. Actually, let me rephrase, Drunk Strangers. (I had a girl PUKING in a target sack next to me on my cabride home. Also, it should be noted that said girl was a COMPLETE stranger and not one of my friends).
  4. No one can agree on a plan.
  5. Did I mention finding cabs is nightmare?
  6. It's usually so cold. And if you are out at a party you are most likely dressed up in a (cute, CLASSY) dress and strappy heels. #6 + #5 = hypothermia.
  7. How awkward is midnight if you are single? I'll tell you... SO AWKWARD! In honor of #7, you get a bonus funny ecard:
  8. Let's pencil each other in for a New Year's Eve kiss, with the understanding we'll drop each other if someone better comes along
  9. I'm a big 'B' and the only drunk people I like are my friends. (See: #3)
  10. I judge the scantily clad youngsters far too much. I love that you're young and cute, but if you can't lean over to set your purse on the table without showing those behind you your business, your dress is TOO SHORT. End of story.
  11. I figure, I've already fed moose vanilla vodka, may as well have a house party and add a little bubbly to the mix.
Okay, so to cancel out my negativity, here are some fun pics of our New Year's prior to above sentiments setting in:
Edited to add: I couldn't have asked for better company for the night and don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but this is just my opinion on the build-up of NYE and the random parties with hundreds of people. Which is why I personally had just as much fun at the preparty with only our friends there as I did at the actual party!


The Waspy Redhead said...

NYE is almost never fun. I think I've only had a great time once or twice in my life. This year Steve and I went out for a nice dinner in Santa Fe and planned on heading to a mellow bar afterwards... but we were both stricken with tum trubs and went back to the hotel room like lame-os.

If I liked his friends, like at all... I would be down with having a party. But I don't. So I hope we're traveling next year, sans tum trubs.

for the love said...


Erika Goodwin said...

Wow! I kinda take offense to this one! Who else would you of rather hung out with and had more fun with that night??

And let me just say - you would not have had a drunk stranger puking on you in a cab if you would have stayed with your friends and rode home in the limo! :)

Natalie said...

I'm sorry if you took offense... of COURSE I always have fun with you girls. I am just saying that the big, build-up parties are a beating, not the company! :) I know you have to agree bc you didn't like last year's... I say we have a house party next year!!

The Leinwetters said...

Oh, you guys looked so beautiful. i miss you all so much. i just showed lee this post and we both laughed since this new years we went to dinner and then came home and, get this... worked on a puzzle. how embarassing. i need my girls back!

clearly, if i wasn't stuck in this crappy place called kansas, i would be in texas, where i belong, hanging out with my girls! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

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