Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Funday Sans Booze

Why today rocked:
  • It was gorgeous outside making it the perfect day for errand-running.
  • Said errand running was even better driving with the windows down while my new favorite happy song was playing in the car.
  • The weather was finally nice enough to take moose to the dogpark for the first time this year.
  • I found my copy of Eat, Pray, Love that I thought I lost and got in some QT while at the dogpark.
  • I got a bright, pink yoga mat at Target for my second class tomorrow night.
  • I replaced the pot and flowers that the assholes from my neighborhood smashed in the street.
  • When I went to Home Depot to get flowers, they also had big, healthy, bushy basil plants which is pretty much unheard of this early. (naturally, I bought one)
  • Yoga mat, flowers, and basil were all purchased with giftcards- read: FREE.
  • I found a set of keys I thought I had lost.
  • After a productive afternoon of running errands, I got a text asking if I wanted to go to the Mavs game tonight with a guy I met last weekend. Woo hoo!
Sundays are usually nice, but I have to say that this one has exceeded typical Sunday awesomeness.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

30x30 Check-In, Part II

11. Learn to make my family's Thanksgiving dressing... 11.15.09. Wow- what a process! I now know why people just make that crap out of the box. Definitely kidding. While it is pretty much an all day event, it's entirely worth it and I'm so glad I learned how to do it. I'm going to see if the parents will let me attempt it on my own next year (with their close observation, of course).

12. Go to the Georgia aquarium... not yet. With six weddings, two bachelorette parties and my brother getting engaged last year, the only traveling I really did was wedding related.

13. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora... definitely not. See above. If I couldn't make it across the country, it's a safe bet across the world was a little out of the question.

14. Kiss someone in the pouring rain (I'm such a cheeseball, I know)... sadly notsomuch.

15. Train myself to get up earlier and run every morning... maybe this 30x30 recap thing wasn't such a great idea.......

16. Take a ceramics class and learn to throw clay... this one might be taking a back seat to taking a quilting class. I have this giant sorority t-shirt quilt that my mom started for me. And the odds of it being finished- well let's just say there is still a half-complete quilt that was meant to be my bedspread circa 1994 so I might have to take matters into my own hands.

17. Get into yoga and/or pilates... yay! I got one! Well, I wouldn't say I am "into it" quite yet, but I took a class, it kicked my ass, and I loved it. The only thing deterring me from going back is that I'm not a fan of their grubby mats and the thought of other people's sweat all over them as I'm in downward dog with my nose inches from the offending piece of rubber. But my sweet future sister-in-law got me a pair of lululemon yoga pants for Christmas, so I think at this point I'm almost required to give it another shot since, ya know, lululemon pants kind of make you official and all. As a matter-of-fact, I think I'll swing by target on my way home and pick up a fancy new yoga mat.

18. Learn calligraphy... I haven't exactly taken a class, but I have gotten pretty good at a 'funky' take on calligraphy. Planning three parties in the last twelve months will do that to ya. Sooo... semi-check?

19. Take another stab at french by memorizing one phrase each day... reconnecting with Pierre has become my version memorizing one phrase each day. While googling "how to say blow job" in french to clear up a miscommunication isn't exactly your standard "Où sont les toilettes?" that you see on most flashcards, it's far more entertaining. And having to relearn the conversational aspects of french as opposed to just the vocabulary I think fully entitles me to a big "check" for my efforts thus far.

20. Go camping in a tent... while I don't know for sure since I've never asked, I think it would most likely be pretty tough to convince the girls to 'rough it' for a weekend. And since my two-week dating expiration date seems to be in full-effect, there just hasn't been anyone to go with. Therefore, camping in a tent shall wait.

Monday, February 22, 2010

30x30 Check-In, Part I

1. Run a half marathon... still working on this. I would say this has been one of the most indirectly sought after goals on my 30x30 list. I desperately want to do it, and I get on some really great running kicks, but inevitably life gets in the way. One of the reasons I put this on the list was to prove to myself that I could create a solid work-out routine without being fresh off a break-up. (admit it- you've done the post-break-up gym routine as well!)

2. Go sky diving... this one actually almost happened. On our way back from floating the river- the new boy I was dating and I passed a road sign that said "Skydiving: Exit Suchandsuch". I said it was on my list of things to do and he said 'exit'. But I just couldn't do it. If I am going to lose my skydiving v-card it is going to be over some body of water: Hawaii, San Diego, sh*t maybe even Galvaston, but I can promise you it won't be over Pflugerville, Texas.

3. Learn how to make cheesecake... 11.25.09. It was delicious. Granted it called for way more of the "bad stuff" than any other cheese cake recipe we found (as if that was even possible?!) but it was delicious and I highly recommend it as a pumpkin pie substitute.

4. Pay off my credit card debt... working on this. Obviously a personal issue, but working on it nonetheless.

5. Put my hard earned scuba certification to good use... unfortunately not yet. And with my 2010 shaping up to be yet another year of weddings. My vacations (San Diego, Phoenix, and North Carolina) appear to include anything but scuba destinations.

6. Pick up piano lessons again... ha. Obviously the lowest of the low-man-on-the-totem-pole. While this is something I truly want to do. LIFE takes a much higher priority to this one.

7. Play a full game of tennis (complete with keeping score so I learn all that love-15 stuff)... does Wii tennis count?!? No? Okay fine. So this is one that I have actually looked into. And I have discovered that my previous tennis coach was apparently a hellofa deal. All seemingly qualified (read: not creepy and not rapist-like) tennis coaches are a bit out of my budget compared to my beloved previous coach. And apparently non-rapist tennis coaches don't quite fall in line with #4.

8. Form the habit of putting my debit card BACK in my wallet so I always know where it is... also a work in progress. I changed banks in January and I haven't had to order a new debit card yet, so does that count?!? (please don't ask me where my card currently is because I would have to tell you halfway between Saturday's pub crawl and Sunday's Michael's craft store run)

9. Become a wish granter for Make-a-Wish... ugh, this top ten is killing me. So apparently my only priorities are cooking. SO WHAT OF IT?? Okay, so fine, the extent of my wish granter progress is running into my sorority president, who happens to work for Make-a-Wish, at Urban Eatz. BUT, does it count that the ex-fiance and I went through the "Official Wish Granter Training Course"? I guess not when I haven't put it to use, huh? Okay, fine.

10. See one of my inventions come to reality... this one was admittedly a lofty goal. And I'm still working on it. One of my holiday inventions still seems like a market pleaser, but only time will tell...

Alright, enough of this. I'm 1:10. I know, I know. But keep in mind- I have two more years. I will attempt to do the next ten tomorrow. But as previously referenced- no promises or anything.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Promises, Promises....

You know what I am not good at?

Managing work, personal life, and this blog properly.

You know what I am good at?

Apparently breaking promises to you lovely readers.

Back on the wagon tomorrow, pinky swear. Until then, here's a story about how I almost blew my kitchen up this week. Enjoy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Moose Monday

You may have heard by now, but Dallas has been a bit snowy as of late. New records have been set and lots of new cars are now in the body shop, but luckily, I think we're over the worst of it.

Moose sleeps with me most nights (he's clean and very snuggly... don't judge!). However, I'm a bit of a restless sleeper and from time to time he gets overly annoyed with me and jumps down to go get in his doggie bed for his beauty sleep.

The one and only exception to this routine is when I have any sort of laundry in the floor. Clean, dirty- it doesn't matter. If I go to bed with any clothes on the floor, he will jump down, and quickly make himself at home in the midst of my accoutrements. I'm sure he likes it because it smells like he's sleeping with me without all of the wiggley-ness.

So last week during the snow storm, I woke up and he wasn't in bed with me. Not unusual... so I look to his bed and he's not there either. Finally, I find him in the aforementioned pile of clothes. Only he isn't on top of the clothes as much as he is inside the clothes. He had found a nice, warm, Patagonia fleece that he made himself at home in. And by in.... I mean IN. See below for the scene that I witnessed:
He was lodged in that fleece sleeve so tightly that I had to peel it back for him to escape. Who knows if he had been panicking in the middle of the night trying to get out. His nose is sticking out of the sleeve and his rear end is poking out of the neck hole. It made me laugh and definitely made my morning a little more amusing. Poor boy was just trying to get warm!!

Hope everyone has had a cozy snow week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday & 30x30 Check-In

My closest and favorites know that I love birthdays. The normal reaction to that statement would be 'duh, who doesn't??', but surprisingly enough- I have come across a few. I think this has a lot to do with our upbringing and my mom always making a such a big deal of it. While I would love to celebrate for the entire month of February, it seems to work best when I just try to get away with a week.

Tonight I'm wrapping up a fabulous birthweek of celebrations by going to dinner with my parents. I celebrated with my friends on Saturday and my grandparents came in from Tyler today and took me to lunch at one of my favorites. While I would have been happy as a clam sticking to 25, I am going to try my hardest to embrace 28.

Since I came up with this crazy 30x30 list last year around this time, I thought I would take another look at it and do a quick update over the next couple days. I would rather underpromise and overdeliver, so let's plan on dividing the list up into 10/10/10.

Check back manana for the first 10!

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Office & Moose Monday

Today was our first 'official' day in the new office and I can't decide which thing I'm loving more...
  1. The fact that the new office is dog friendly, or
  2. The fact that the new office is 1.9 miles from my house.
This weekend was a busy one... in addition to celebrating my birthday with friends (although I am not officially 28 until tomorrow) and the Superbowl, we also spent a large portion of the weekend at the new office scrubbing, unpacking, and setting up.

The space was being used as a storage area for the guy that owns the building (who may be the ultimate candidate for Hoarders, just sayin'....) So it needed a little TLC. And when your dad is the boss, guess who gets tapped to help administer said TLC? Of course I was happy to help. And our work paid off because it looks 1,000 times better than it did when we started. I'll post pictures when we're done but it has a very cool retro vibe with cinder block walls and stained concrete floors. And did I mention it's 1.9 miles from my house and it took me four minutes to get here this morning? Ahhhhh......

I am also loving the complete change in food choices. Especially the close proximity to Eatzi's. I'm not sure how it's possible, but I definitely forgot how fabulous that place was! Not to mention I can now easily run home for lunch any day of the week.

Moose did pretty well for his first day in "corporate america" (well, as 'corporate' as you could consider our agency). He has learned not to go down the stairs unless he is told to, which leaves us free to keep the door open without him wandering off to go 'visit' the other people in our building. He was a tad vocal this morning, but by this afternoon I think he got used to the noises and people and would only grumble when people walked in our office.

He definitely brings life to the office. I think it will be fun to have him as our little office 'mascot'. Pictures of the place coming soon, but until then- moose's first day at work:
Sidenote: Check out the lime green wall! There is a lot of lime green in the office- colors are something you should definitely consider when choosing a logo if you are planning on coordinating the decor. While it was shocking at first it has really grown on me- either that or I'm just not as hungover as I was this weekend. Ahhh, gotta love birthdays. When will we ever learn? (on that note: birthday recap coming just as soon as my lovelies send me the pictures they took, hint, hint....)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Foodie Friday- fried pickles

These are the fried pickles I made a few weeks ago during what would be the final Cowboys game. These things were a huge hit and I would highly recommend this recipe. I thought with the Superbowl coming up this weekend, these would make the perfect recipe for Foodie Friday!


* 1 cup cornmeal
* 2 egg beaten
* 2 1/4 cups flour
* 1 cup milk
* 1 Tbsp. worcestershire sauce
* 1/2 tsp. hot sauce (like Tabasco)
* 1 tsp. salt
* 3/4 tsp. pepper
* 1/4 tsp. Mrs. Dash
* 1/4 tsp. Garlic Powder
* 3/4 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
* 1 qt. sliced dill pickles
* Vegetable Oil
* salt & pepper

1. Combine 2 eggs, 1/4 cup flour, milk, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, cayenne pepper Mrs. Dash, and Garlic Powder; stirring well. Set aside.
2. Combine cornmeal, 2 cups flour, salt, and pepper: mix well.
3. Dip drained pickles into milk mixture and dredge in flour mixture.
4. Deep fry at 350 degrees until golden brown.
5. Drain.
6. Salt and Pepper to taste.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moving Day!

Tomorrow is moving day at the office! As is the case with most of the world, it's been an interesting year or two. We have not arrived at this day unscathed, but I can say with a great amount of pride that we are still standing. And sometimes that, in itself, is an accomplishment to be celebrated.

So today I am thankful...
for my family.
for my job.
for the light at the end of the tunnel.
for fresh beginnings.

I can't wait to see what 2010 has to offer.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Moose Monday... with friends

One upside to today is that my mom is letting me take care of the little one for a couple days so he was here greeting me with his waggy tail when I got home from work tonight. Nothing like a puppy with a waggy tail to make an otherwise crappy day a little better. Scratch that- nothing like a puppy with a waggy tail and a big fat glass of red wine. He is still very much a puppy and is hilarious to have around. My roomie sent me this picture earlier today of Bax (the little one) sleeping on top of moose's head.

Severe case of the Mondays

Wow, it's been a rough morning. I should have known it was going to be 'one of those days' when I walked outside this morning and saw my terra cotta flower pot that I had so carefully planted full of pansies smashed to pieces in the street in front of our our townhouse.

Nevermind the fact that 'urban gardening' requires a trip to the 'burbs for access to gardening supplies, or the fact that the pot was on loan from The Dot, or that they decided to smash it on the first of February- putting me in a weird state of pansy purgatory knowing that if I replant they only have a good month or two left until they will die. No, I'm just so irritated at the rudeness of people. I have the same feelings when I see pumpkins smashed in the street on Halloween... some poor child was probably really proud of that pumpkin! So I have two things to say: 1) Karma is, in fact, a Bitch. 2) Please seek help for your pent up aggression/rotting soul. Okay, maybe 'rotting soul' was a little harsh, but come on... who does that?! Purposely doing something malevolent to a stranger is beyond me.

Annnnd, as an added 'bonus' this morning, I can go ahead and put a big FAIL next to number 29 on the ole 30x30 list. I had doubts about putting something on the list that was only to a certain degree within my control, and apparently rightfully so.

On my way to work this morning (30 minutes after discovering the pansy massacre), I sideswiped someone trying to avoid hitting the lady in front of me who had slammed on her brakes. Lovely way to continue my Monday morning. Thankfully no one was hurt and the damage was minimal. (which is irrelevant to my deductible and in turn, my bank account, but I should count my blessings). So in the spirit of that, I guess I should also be thankful that it was on the same side of the huge scrape that was incurred while misjudging the distance between my car and the stone corner of my garage a few months ago. {the glass is half full... the glass is half full... the glass is half full...}

Is it okay for me to wish the glass was half full of vodka with a splash of soda??

Okay, Whinefest 2010 officially over. I hope your week is starting off in a much more positive manner than mine!