Monday, February 22, 2010

30x30 Check-In, Part I

1. Run a half marathon... still working on this. I would say this has been one of the most indirectly sought after goals on my 30x30 list. I desperately want to do it, and I get on some really great running kicks, but inevitably life gets in the way. One of the reasons I put this on the list was to prove to myself that I could create a solid work-out routine without being fresh off a break-up. (admit it- you've done the post-break-up gym routine as well!)

2. Go sky diving... this one actually almost happened. On our way back from floating the river- the new boy I was dating and I passed a road sign that said "Skydiving: Exit Suchandsuch". I said it was on my list of things to do and he said 'exit'. But I just couldn't do it. If I am going to lose my skydiving v-card it is going to be over some body of water: Hawaii, San Diego, sh*t maybe even Galvaston, but I can promise you it won't be over Pflugerville, Texas.

3. Learn how to make cheesecake... 11.25.09. It was delicious. Granted it called for way more of the "bad stuff" than any other cheese cake recipe we found (as if that was even possible?!) but it was delicious and I highly recommend it as a pumpkin pie substitute.

4. Pay off my credit card debt... working on this. Obviously a personal issue, but working on it nonetheless.

5. Put my hard earned scuba certification to good use... unfortunately not yet. And with my 2010 shaping up to be yet another year of weddings. My vacations (San Diego, Phoenix, and North Carolina) appear to include anything but scuba destinations.

6. Pick up piano lessons again... ha. Obviously the lowest of the low-man-on-the-totem-pole. While this is something I truly want to do. LIFE takes a much higher priority to this one.

7. Play a full game of tennis (complete with keeping score so I learn all that love-15 stuff)... does Wii tennis count?!? No? Okay fine. So this is one that I have actually looked into. And I have discovered that my previous tennis coach was apparently a hellofa deal. All seemingly qualified (read: not creepy and not rapist-like) tennis coaches are a bit out of my budget compared to my beloved previous coach. And apparently non-rapist tennis coaches don't quite fall in line with #4.

8. Form the habit of putting my debit card BACK in my wallet so I always know where it is... also a work in progress. I changed banks in January and I haven't had to order a new debit card yet, so does that count?!? (please don't ask me where my card currently is because I would have to tell you halfway between Saturday's pub crawl and Sunday's Michael's craft store run)

9. Become a wish granter for Make-a-Wish... ugh, this top ten is killing me. So apparently my only priorities are cooking. SO WHAT OF IT?? Okay, so fine, the extent of my wish granter progress is running into my sorority president, who happens to work for Make-a-Wish, at Urban Eatz. BUT, does it count that the ex-fiance and I went through the "Official Wish Granter Training Course"? I guess not when I haven't put it to use, huh? Okay, fine.

10. See one of my inventions come to reality... this one was admittedly a lofty goal. And I'm still working on it. One of my holiday inventions still seems like a market pleaser, but only time will tell...

Alright, enough of this. I'm 1:10. I know, I know. But keep in mind- I have two more years. I will attempt to do the next ten tomorrow. But as previously referenced- no promises or anything.

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