Tuesday, February 23, 2010

30x30 Check-In, Part II

11. Learn to make my family's Thanksgiving dressing... 11.15.09. Wow- what a process! I now know why people just make that crap out of the box. Definitely kidding. While it is pretty much an all day event, it's entirely worth it and I'm so glad I learned how to do it. I'm going to see if the parents will let me attempt it on my own next year (with their close observation, of course).

12. Go to the Georgia aquarium... not yet. With six weddings, two bachelorette parties and my brother getting engaged last year, the only traveling I really did was wedding related.

13. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora... definitely not. See above. If I couldn't make it across the country, it's a safe bet across the world was a little out of the question.

14. Kiss someone in the pouring rain (I'm such a cheeseball, I know)... sadly notsomuch.

15. Train myself to get up earlier and run every morning... maybe this 30x30 recap thing wasn't such a great idea.......

16. Take a ceramics class and learn to throw clay... this one might be taking a back seat to taking a quilting class. I have this giant sorority t-shirt quilt that my mom started for me. And the odds of it being finished- well let's just say there is still a half-complete quilt that was meant to be my bedspread circa 1994 so I might have to take matters into my own hands.

17. Get into yoga and/or pilates... yay! I got one! Well, I wouldn't say I am "into it" quite yet, but I took a class, it kicked my ass, and I loved it. The only thing deterring me from going back is that I'm not a fan of their grubby mats and the thought of other people's sweat all over them as I'm in downward dog with my nose inches from the offending piece of rubber. But my sweet future sister-in-law got me a pair of lululemon yoga pants for Christmas, so I think at this point I'm almost required to give it another shot since, ya know, lululemon pants kind of make you official and all. As a matter-of-fact, I think I'll swing by target on my way home and pick up a fancy new yoga mat.

18. Learn calligraphy... I haven't exactly taken a class, but I have gotten pretty good at a 'funky' take on calligraphy. Planning three parties in the last twelve months will do that to ya. Sooo... semi-check?

19. Take another stab at french by memorizing one phrase each day... reconnecting with Pierre has become my version memorizing one phrase each day. While googling "how to say blow job" in french to clear up a miscommunication isn't exactly your standard "Où sont les toilettes?" that you see on most flashcards, it's far more entertaining. And having to relearn the conversational aspects of french as opposed to just the vocabulary I think fully entitles me to a big "check" for my efforts thus far.

20. Go camping in a tent... while I don't know for sure since I've never asked, I think it would most likely be pretty tough to convince the girls to 'rough it' for a weekend. And since my two-week dating expiration date seems to be in full-effect, there just hasn't been anyone to go with. Therefore, camping in a tent shall wait.

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