Monday, February 8, 2010

New Office & Moose Monday

Today was our first 'official' day in the new office and I can't decide which thing I'm loving more...
  1. The fact that the new office is dog friendly, or
  2. The fact that the new office is 1.9 miles from my house.
This weekend was a busy one... in addition to celebrating my birthday with friends (although I am not officially 28 until tomorrow) and the Superbowl, we also spent a large portion of the weekend at the new office scrubbing, unpacking, and setting up.

The space was being used as a storage area for the guy that owns the building (who may be the ultimate candidate for Hoarders, just sayin'....) So it needed a little TLC. And when your dad is the boss, guess who gets tapped to help administer said TLC? Of course I was happy to help. And our work paid off because it looks 1,000 times better than it did when we started. I'll post pictures when we're done but it has a very cool retro vibe with cinder block walls and stained concrete floors. And did I mention it's 1.9 miles from my house and it took me four minutes to get here this morning? Ahhhhh......

I am also loving the complete change in food choices. Especially the close proximity to Eatzi's. I'm not sure how it's possible, but I definitely forgot how fabulous that place was! Not to mention I can now easily run home for lunch any day of the week.

Moose did pretty well for his first day in "corporate america" (well, as 'corporate' as you could consider our agency). He has learned not to go down the stairs unless he is told to, which leaves us free to keep the door open without him wandering off to go 'visit' the other people in our building. He was a tad vocal this morning, but by this afternoon I think he got used to the noises and people and would only grumble when people walked in our office.

He definitely brings life to the office. I think it will be fun to have him as our little office 'mascot'. Pictures of the place coming soon, but until then- moose's first day at work:
Sidenote: Check out the lime green wall! There is a lot of lime green in the office- colors are something you should definitely consider when choosing a logo if you are planning on coordinating the decor. While it was shocking at first it has really grown on me- either that or I'm just not as hungover as I was this weekend. Ahhh, gotta love birthdays. When will we ever learn? (on that note: birthday recap coming just as soon as my lovelies send me the pictures they took, hint, hint....)


Erika Goodwin said...

SORRY!! I will send your pics tonight :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the color!! Need to see your new digs in person.