Monday, February 1, 2010

Severe case of the Mondays

Wow, it's been a rough morning. I should have known it was going to be 'one of those days' when I walked outside this morning and saw my terra cotta flower pot that I had so carefully planted full of pansies smashed to pieces in the street in front of our our townhouse.

Nevermind the fact that 'urban gardening' requires a trip to the 'burbs for access to gardening supplies, or the fact that the pot was on loan from The Dot, or that they decided to smash it on the first of February- putting me in a weird state of pansy purgatory knowing that if I replant they only have a good month or two left until they will die. No, I'm just so irritated at the rudeness of people. I have the same feelings when I see pumpkins smashed in the street on Halloween... some poor child was probably really proud of that pumpkin! So I have two things to say: 1) Karma is, in fact, a Bitch. 2) Please seek help for your pent up aggression/rotting soul. Okay, maybe 'rotting soul' was a little harsh, but come on... who does that?! Purposely doing something malevolent to a stranger is beyond me.

Annnnd, as an added 'bonus' this morning, I can go ahead and put a big FAIL next to number 29 on the ole 30x30 list. I had doubts about putting something on the list that was only to a certain degree within my control, and apparently rightfully so.

On my way to work this morning (30 minutes after discovering the pansy massacre), I sideswiped someone trying to avoid hitting the lady in front of me who had slammed on her brakes. Lovely way to continue my Monday morning. Thankfully no one was hurt and the damage was minimal. (which is irrelevant to my deductible and in turn, my bank account, but I should count my blessings). So in the spirit of that, I guess I should also be thankful that it was on the same side of the huge scrape that was incurred while misjudging the distance between my car and the stone corner of my garage a few months ago. {the glass is half full... the glass is half full... the glass is half full...}

Is it okay for me to wish the glass was half full of vodka with a splash of soda??

Okay, Whinefest 2010 officially over. I hope your week is starting off in a much more positive manner than mine!

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melissa said...

Oh girl, you've earned a glass half full of vodka & soda. That's a crummy Monday. Hope things start looking up for the rest of the week!