Thursday, March 4, 2010

February in Pictures

So I'm just a touch late on this considering it is the 18th, but I had already started this post before I got distracted by a plethora of different things. So to return from my blogging hiatus (also known as March), here is February in Pictures!
Moose on our first day in the new office. He was still not quite sure what to think of the fact that he had joined the ranks of the employed. But he had his fish so apparently he was ready to go!
See that smear in the street on the left side of the picture? That would be my flower pot of pansies that someone stole off our front porch and smashed in the street.
On a much more positive note, this is at my birthday dinner trying on the apron that was a sweet birthday gift from Alison! I love this and have already dirtied it up. It's almost too cute to get dirty, but it's also far too cute not to wear.
Dinner at Carrabba's. I wish that I had been able to get a good quality picture of the wording on the doggie bag to frame and put in my kitchen. I just loved this little saying!
A necklace that I got during Erika's Stella & Dot party and promptly left in the hotel during Jodi's wedding festivities. Some of my girlfriends knew how much I loved it and replaced it for me for my birthday.
Moose in the record-breaking snow. I know it looks like he's doing his business, but it's hard to photograph a wiener dog in 8" of snow without it looking like they're squatting.
My friend Mark and I on a rando last minute trip to Shreveport. It was a lot of fun despite me and blackjack not exactly getting along for the evening...
Having spent Valentine's Eve in Shreveport called for some greasy food the next day. Enter heart shaped pizza! Festive AND functional!
Jones and I after a last minute pub crawl. A lot of fun and I met a boy... a taaaall one- 6'6"*.
My neighbor playing badminton in our ally?!? I mean, badminton... really??
Dinner at my parent's house one night. Does it get any better? Oh wait, you can't see the wine. Yes, yes it does get better.
Moose making friends at the dogpark. Thank goodness it's almost Spring! (Look E... I let him socialize with a schnauzer!!)

Hope everyone had a great St. Patty's!

*Edited to add: Since the post was started apparently on March 4th, and just now got posted on the 18th, it's safe to say that 6'6" guy is no longer. It has been two weeks after all. ;)

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Erika Goodwin said...

First of all, LOVE the song! 2nd - where did you get that super cute chalk / cheese board?? Trey and I LOVE cheese and crackers and need that asap! And 3rd - really do love Maggie :)