Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

It seems life only gets more and more hectic as you get older. Having been a little stressed out lately along with a few of those close to me, I started thinking about how we could all benefit from taking the time to enjoy simple pleasures in life. I finally went and got a massage last night from my hands-down favorite (Abe at Avalon for all you Dallas girls.. he's amazing) and it helped me immensely. So I'm not talking super-expensive, clear your mind vacations, but just incorporating some of the small things like that that make life bearable and beautiful into our lives.

My simple pleasures tend to vary greatly based on the season, so with winter winding down, I thought I would list a few of my "winter related" simple pleasures:

1. Bubble Baths. A big glass of red wine, Michelle Featherstone on the ipod, some candles = bliss. It's relaxing, it soothes sore muscles and winter makes this even better when the water is nice and hot compared to the cool air outside.

2. When you find that perfect spot snuggled under the duvet. I'm extremely hot natured, but when winter comes, I take full advantage with a feather bed topper and a big fluffy duvet. I turn my fan on high and burrow. I'm a restless sleeper so my favorite part of the night is when I find that exact spot where I don't think I could possibly be any comfier.
3. Pansies. With everything looking so drab and dead, I love the fact that these brightly colored flowers flourish in the coldest temps. I have a window box outside my bedroom and they make me smile everytime I look at them.

4. Walking in the house after work and smelling something that has been cooking all day in the crock pot. I don't use that sucker far enough for how easy and convenient it is. I made pulled pork last week and the smell just hit you as soon as you walked upstairs.
5. Dog leash tie-out. It's such a life saver in the winter when it's cold outside. I hook moose onto it and he goes and does his business all while I'm warm and toasty inside. Our townhouse is close to a busy street so even though he probably wouldn't run off, it's not worth the chance. I love this thing more than I can even tell you. If you have even the tiniest front yard and no back yard like us this thing is a must-have. (sidenote: I never just latch him on and leave him for any extended period of time. Ever.)

6. Hot Chocolate + Frangelico. Frangelico makes even the not-so-fancy (read: swiss miss) hot chocolate taste decadent. It's delicious hazelnut flavor is one of my favorites to smuggle into movie theaters on a cold night.

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