Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Road Trip!

I try to refrain from talking about the male persuasion around here for lots of reasons- including- but not limited to:
  1. The fact that several of my ex's know about m&l (although I'm by no means flattering myself to the point that I assume they are readers).
  2. With my two-week dating expiration, I feel no need to further jinx myself. And let's face it- two weeks doesn't give much time for blog fodder so it's kind of pointless to even bring them up.
  3. My day-to-day life is usually far more entertaining than anything involving a boy (unless, you know, I'm getting shat on during lunch on a first date- repeatedly. That was a pretty good one...)
However, I'm leaving today on a little roadtrip to Houston to see the new one and I'm really excited. Excited to see him, of course. BUT, also excited because I will hopefully get to see this fabulous girl:

As well as excited for the opportunity to make a pitstop in The Woodlands to go to one of my favorites that closed its Dallas store a few years back, Oil & Vinegar. Yes, it's a retail store with a primary focus on olive oil.

**insert angelic singing here**
I go through olive oil by the gallon.


I use the "normal" stuff to cook with and the fancy stuff for things where I am able to highlight the flavor of the oil without overpowering it with other ingredients. A few months ago my mom brought me a bottle of chili infused olive oil from O&V and I fell in love with it. While these designer olive oils aren't cheap, you can definitely taste the difference. My aunt just brought me a refill bottle of the chili oil as an early Easter gift, so I'm planning on picking up a bottle of garlic olive oil while I'm there and maybe a few herb mixes.

Leave it to me to start a post about a boy and end it with food. My poor mother probably thought she was going to actually get a little dirt on him. Maybe next time. Or maybe if he lasts another two weeks... {knock on wood}.

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Maggie said...

Well damn if I didn't completely miss out on the Oil & Vinegar experience in Dallas! Sounds like heaven.

I always ask fellow olive oil groupies this: what are your favorite oils? What's your "normal" and what are your favorite "specials"?

I agree r.e. chili oil - so amazing with simple bread. Yum!