Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

As wedding season spools up, my free weekends are about to get very few and far between. In the next month or so I'll be helping to throw two showers, a bachelorette party, and a birthday party as well as traveling to San Diego, twice. Whew... just thinking of it makes me panic a little to get my day-to-day stuff done so I'm not discombobulated for the next month.

This weekend was one that I didn't have any set plans for and it was fabulous! Friday night, I went out with some college friends and happened to run into a crush from Fort Worth that I don't see very often. It's always fun to see him, but it also always reminds me that I should probably run the other way if I knew what was good for me. He is one of those that is incredibly good looking and I'm fairly certain that he knows it-- but in an unobnoxious way, if that's possible.

Saturday, E and I made plans to have a girl's night out. Her husband was out of town and everyone else had other stuff going on, so we planned a night outside of our usual little uptown/knox-henderson bubble and we had so much fun:

I have been dying to go to the Bishop Arts District pretty much since I moved back to Dallas, but just never seemed to make it down there even though it's only about three miles away. We did dinner at Tillman's Roadhouse and an after-dinner martini at Hattie's. Then we went to The Belmont Hotel to have a drink and see the view of downtown Dallas that the hotel is known for.

Tillman's was wonderful. Three words: goat. cheese. tater-tots. So delicious. And from now on, all popcorn that is made at our house will be misted with truffle oil and sprinkled with pepper. In addition to the great food, Tillman's also has a really cool atmosphere- kind of like a hunting lodge gone glam. It's a bit odd, but stunning just the same.
Mmm.... ribs.

Hattie's makes a mean dirty martini (and chocolate martini, although I would not reccommend tasting those one right after the other, blech). Their menu had a lot more options than Tillman's and looked amazing-- jalapeno stuffed quail with a balsamic demi-glaze, yes please! I can't wait to go back for dinner.
Horrible quality iphone pic of E with her chocolate martini at Hattie's.

While we were at the Hattie's bar, a friend of my dad's walked in. I went to say hi and when introducing me to the others in his party, he said "this is Natalie.... it used to be *insertmylastnamehere*, but what is your new last name?" Ha... always fun. Luckily, 1) I'm used to it and 2) I'm over it. I have found the best way to deal with these situations is with humor- no sense in making everyone feel all awkward about it since I certainly don't. So I just laughed, held up my left, ringless hand and said "I gave it back- I decided that wasn't such a great plan". Thankfully, it worked- everyone laughed and zero awkwardness.

The Belmont was not exactly what I expected, but it was still fun and different-- and packed! There was only one open table on the patio when we got there. They make a really delicious cocktail that I'm going to attempt at home that's a mix between an iced tea and a mojito. And they also have a restaurant called Smoke that I've added to my list of spots to try.

While we were still in Dallas proper for the entire evening, it was so nice to venture out of our neighborhood. We kept saying that we felt like we were on vacation somewhere because we always seem to go to the same bars, restaurants, and hang-outs every. single. weekend. It was a such a refreshing change of pace!
The view from the patio at The Belmont. {Photo Credit}

Today was gorgeous so I went to the dogpark with moose. We hung out there for awhile until he started to get a bit "amorous" with some of the other dogs. Apparently Spring makes him a bit frisky. Nothing like being shamed into leaving the dogpark when your wiener dog can't keep it to himself.

This evening I'm headed out for a late dinner at Neighborhood Services Tavern*. I've been reading about this new location of a Dallas favorite for awhile so I'm excited to try it out!

This week: date on Monday, potential Rangers game on Wednesday, a mexican fiesta birthday/pool party on Saturday, and hopefully a family dinner sometime to meet Cameron, my newest cousin who is one-week old today!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

*ETA: For all you Dallasites, apparently Neighborhood Services is closed on Sundays. So we were forced to put that idea on hold and headed to Woodfire Grill instead. We're going to give it a shot next Friday so I'll report back then.


melissa said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I absolutely must try goat cheese tater tots. And soon. They sound phenomenal. Why didn't I think of that?

I love that you visited so many fun places in one night. We always seem to hit up the same places/bars in our town. This makes me want to venture out more often and experience some of the other fun things my city has to offer!

Maggie said...

I looooove Bishop Arts! Every time we were there (which happened an increasing amount over the course of my time in Dallas), I wish we lived there. The 'hood felt so much more authentic and easy and ME than where we lived. And OH, Tillman's and Hattie's! Love love love. I think ultimately I prefer Hattie's, but I'd get my Tillman's hankerings in a big way. Hattie's' food just spoke to my homesick Southern sensibility a tad more. Another one for you to try: Bolsa. Organic, seasonal, local, DELICIOUS. Every time we ate there I felt like we'd stumbled into a hidden pocket of Brooklyn-ites who were hiding from me with all of their coolness. Which knowing Dallas as you do, is a good thing to discover.

Love your ease with the name - life is about embracing your story, right? All the highs and lows.

I think Neighborhood Services is fine - but nothing compared to your new Bishop Arts discoveries ;-).

Wish we'd gotten to know one another before I moved, by the way. Have a great week!

bbell said...

You need to check out Bolsa, Veracruz, Eno's. and the secret gem of them all - "Dude, Sweet Chocolate" if you are back in that part of town

Natalie said...

Thank you for all the suggestions! Bolsa was definitely on my list before, but just got bumped to the top since I know both of you know your food!

Maggie, I have just discovered Chow Hound and saw some older posts from the name "magmae"... I'm assuming that's you??

Brian, I've heard their hot chocolate is pretty much to die for. I asked the valet at Tillman's where it was and he didn't know what I was talking about!

bbell said...

Dude, Sweet Chocolate is next to tucked around the corner by Hunky's and the green pet store. Go on a Saturday afternoon and they'll probably let you help make chocolate and sample a bunch of their creations.